“As a Strategic Advisor Tina sees right through the fog and shows you the straightest line between opportunity and profit.”

If you are interested in working with me here is the scoop.

Who do I work with?

I do my best work with business owners who have an already established business – they are in what I like to call the “pretty good” stage. They are making money, have some folks on their team and are proud of what they have accomplished so far BUT they know they are meant for more and it’s time to take things to the next level.

(On the flip side, I don’t do my best work with start up entrepreneurs – if you need help deciding what kind of business to start and how to get your first clients alas I’m not your gal.)

What can I help with?

My style is what some would call a “coachsultant” – I take a coaching approach to help you decide what is most important and will also share with you my expertise and experience along the way. In other words, we won’t just talk about things at a high level, we will also strategize and lay out specific next steps for you and your team to get there.

There are a few key areas that I specialize in:

  • STRATEGIC GROWTH: Helping business owners refine their offers to focus on their genius, make more money and attract new opportunities that are 100% aligned to who they are.
  • TEAM: Helping CEOs develop their leadership, hire the right people and empower their team to run the business without them.
  • CERTIFICATION / LICENSING: Helping leaders who have created a proven framework or methodology turn that into a certification / licensing program that leaves a legacy and creates passive income.

Why work with me?

Having helped thousands of business owners since 1999 and having launched 2 companies of my own, I’ve been around the block a few times and have decades of experience to offer to my clients.

One of the things I’m best at is seeing the opportunities that you can’t see in your business. What clients really want from you. How to get yourself out of the things you no longer want to be doing. How to align your pricing and messaging to reach the clients you are meant to serve.

I am naturally wired to see the simplest path forward – cutting away the ‘deadwood’ that is keeping you stuck and confused.

I also have a knack for seeing YOUR gifts and (sometimes hidden) talents that are not yet being leveraged in your business – and that are often the key to creating a business you truly love.

If you want to learn more about me I recommend reading the articles on my blog and checking out my about me page.

Shall we explore working together?

If you are interested in creating a certification or licensing program check out The Certification Accelerator. 

If you are interested in strategic growth and leadership here are a few options:

Kickstart Strategy Session <– best place to start

One 60 minute call with Tina Forsyth

A great way to get a ‘taste’ of what it is to work together without making any long-term commitments upfront. During one full hour together on zoom we can dive deep into either ONE problem that is driving you nutty or ONE opportunity that you are exploring. My goal is to bring you clarity and to identify your next best action steps to take.  

Click Here to book your Kickstart Strategy Session $997 USD

NOTE: This is a one time offer for folks I haven’t worked with yet. After this initial session we can explore more in-depth and ongoing support for those who are interested. 

Half-Day Strategic Growth Intensive

During 3 hours together we will do a customized deep dive on one key area of your business that is ripe for expansion or improvement and lay out a strategy & plan to take things to the next level. Includes 30 days of Voxer and/or email access after our session.

Half-Day Intensive is $5000 USD 

Interested? There are 3 ways for us to connect: 

  1. Email me at coaching@tinaforsyth.com
  2. Book a Private Call in my calendar 
  3. Message me on Voxer

Your Backpocket CEO (Ongoing Private 1-1 Mentoring)

This is where the magic really happens for those business owners looking to shift from working ‘in’ the business to becoming the CEO of a growing business that 100% aligns with who they are and what they are meant to be in this world.

This is not a training or a group program. This is a bespoke program where I work with YOU 1-1 as a strategic partner in the growth of your business.

  • I serve as a guide for the BIG decisions.
  • I shine a light on where you are inadvertently getting in the way of growth
  • I help you develop the leadership skills to create an empowered team
  • I hold space for you to be YOU in your business (and not try to fit in the cookie cutter of what everyone else is doing)
  • I’ve got your back for those ‘eek!’ moments that inevitably come up on the growth path

In our work together we will:

Define the MEASURES OF SUCCESS for your next level of growth – having a vision isn’t enough, we need to be clear about what exactly you want to create in the 3 key areas of growth (hint: It’s not just about the money) so that you know what to focus on and which activities will move you towards your goals.

Create your CEO ROLE – let’s get you out of the weeds of your business and focused on the things you love to do most so that you can break free from ‘too busy’ and reignite the passion for your business.

Upleveling your OFFERS & PRICING – I will recommend simple tweaks to your offers that leverage your brilliance and increase your prices so that you can make more money in less time. We will also explore potential new revenue arms of your business – such as certification / licensing – that can allow you to serve more folks, make more money and leave a legacy.

Build your EMPOWERED TEAM – through strong leadership and by hiring the right folks, we can empower your team to take care of the business without you so that you can prioritize vacation, rest, play and have time for inspiring projects.

Keep an eye on the MONEY – making sure that you are profitable, finding any money leaks and ensuring that your business is providing a path to your long-term financial goals so that you aren’t struggling month to month and have a business that will pay for your future (not just your now.)

The Backpocket CEO starts at $2500/month and requires a minimum 6 month commitment. 

Interested? There are 3 ways for us to connect: 

  1. Email me at coaching@tinaforsyth.com
  2. Book a Private Call in my calendar 
  3. Message me on Voxer