An Invitation

I get it… you are feeling uninspired with your current business.

Yes, you’ve got clients who love what you do and are singing your praises. But you are tired of the work and are starting to secretly dread your workday. The things you used to enjoy doing now feel hollow and boring.

You know you are meant for more – and may even have an inkling as to what it is! – but you are feeling stuck in your current role and don’t know what to do about it.

You dream of something different, but you don’t want to mess up what you’ve already created. You don’t know how to transition into your next level without risking your income or having to start over from scratch.

This is your True Work calling, and it’s inevitable for those of us who have a heart of service and are growth oriented.

Your True Work is the highest expression of who you are through your business. Your gifts. Your values. Your passion and purpose.

It’s the work you are meant to do in this world. The work that lights up your soul and allows you to step into the highest version of who you are meant to be. It’s also the work that will get you to your next level of desired income.

How do we know when it’s time to shift into our True Work? Here are a few common signs that my clients have experienced:

  • You feel like you are trapped in a box that no longer fits who you are and what you really want to do
  • You have become grumpy or even a bit snappy in your day to day (especially at home with your loved ones)
  • You feel obligated to keep doing the things you no longer want to do (especially to clients & team or to family as your income is important to the household)
  • Your sales may be stalled or even going down as you really don’t want to do what you are doing right now
  • You are starting to drop the ball or “phone it in” with your clients, and know you could be doing a better job but it’s just not in you anymore.

The True Work Path

These are the 5 stages of the True Work path that I work on with my clients:

  • Clarity – We first need to get clear on what your true work is – your zone of genius – so we can then lay out the right offer/model, identify your ideal client and up level your pricing
  • Space Together we will redefine your role, clarify your boundaries and explore what you need to let go of to create space for your True Work to emerge.
  • Seen – Visibility is the key to attracting your True Work clients. This stage is about creating aligned messaging and content that instantly resonates with your ideal clients, and showing up in ways that feel natural and enjoyable to you.
  • Support – Your True Work is not a solo effort. As you make this transition you will need to ask for and receive support at a deeper level, not just in business but in life.
  • Invitation – We bring your True Work to life by offering an invitation to your ideal clients. This is where we officially birth your True Work into the world so you can do what you love, with people you adore, and create the income you desire.

We are a good fit to work together if… 

  • You have been in business for at least 3 years, and have a proven track record of client success.
  • You are no longer satisfied with your current path, and know that you are meant for more! (Even if you don’t know exactly what it is).
  • You know in your gut that now is the time to make this transition, And you are ready to work with a guide who can help you walk the path to bring your True Work to life.

I have two ways that I work with clients on the True Path journey.

Half-Day True Work Intensive

During our 3 hours together we will do a customized deep dive on any of the 5 stages of the True Work Path laid out above. My goal during this time together is for you to walk away feeling clear, inspired and ready to take action on the next steps in your True Work journey. Include 2 additional 1-1 coaching calls to be used within 30 days of our Intensive.

True Work Intensive is $5000 USD 

5 Months of Private 1-1 Coaching

Let me be your guide and walk with you through the entire True Work Path. During our 5 months together I will hold space for you to truly step into and own this next level version of who you are and the work you are meant to do in this world.

Coaching packages start at $1500/month

Curious to learn more about working together? Great! You can either: 

  1. Email me at
  2. Or book a private call in my calendar