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How the Business Has Grown in 2013 Inspite of Me

It’s been a REALLY hard year.. and I am going to get REALLY transparent with you!

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Thursday August 29th @ 1:00pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

Here’s the scoop:

Sometimes you find yourself in circumstances throughout your life that ultimately are out of your control (and for a control freak like me this is not easy).  When those seasons come all you can do is roll with the punches.. this is what 2013 has been for me.  That being said, it has not been that way for my business (somewhat to my surprise).  I like many of you have always considered my business as a bit of an extension of me.  Truly in the 12 years I have worked virtually, I have encountered and endured much to gain the ground I now stand firmly on.  So when the waves of life came in like a tsunami I would have (a year ago) thought my business would ride the waves as I am.  However, this has not been the case!

Here’s the thing – despite all of these challenges my business has continued to grow. We are up 25% over last year’s revenues DESPITE me. Meaning that I haven’t been very plugged into my business for the first part of 2013 and yet we are still growing.

And it occurred to me – this is the heart of what Automate Your Growth is all about.

  • It’s about building a business that continues to grow – to support you and your loved ones – even when things don’t go according to plan.
  • It’s about setting up your business in a way that is sustainable outside of how much you personally are plugged in
  • It’s about continuing to serve your clients at a deep level even when your own personal foundation is shifting

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