Don’t Be Cheap With Your Team

investment in hiring peopleIn a business, particularly in a service-based business, be it virtual or brick and mortar, the lifeblood of that business is your people.  The team that supports the business literally becomes the legs that you, as the business owner, stand on.

When I say “team”, I’m talking about the implementers, the doers, the copywriters, etc., If you’re not willing to pay for the level of support you need in your business, you may run into some problems with long-term ramifications.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “you get what you pay for.”   There’s a reason that saying has maintained its relevance through the years, it is simple truth! If you’re in the space in your business where you’re ready to kick it up another notch, branch out and grow, then you need to be willing to pay for the people who can keep up with your growth spurt.  You need to foot the bill for the higher level of skill and expertise of a team that can support you in expansion, because you will pay for the support you choose in one of 3 ways.

#1 Time

You can pay for your support team with time.  What I mean here is that if you don’t have the right caliber of support lined up for your business, things that could have been passed along to someone else for resolution, will land back on your plate.  You could lose your time, an invaluable asset, training, correcting and re-doing things that, had you pursued the next level of support professional, could have been taken care of for you, which would allow you more time to focus on the new things coming up in your business.

#2 Lost Opportunities

When you skimp on the cost of your team members, you miss out on those upper level players and that can cost you potential growth opportunities.  For example; you decide not to hire that top-notch marketing manager who could have developed a mind-blowing website to generate higher traffic and leads for your business.  Instead you’re functioning in the realm of DIY (do-it-yourself) and you’re missing opportunities because you’re stuck doing things your hired marketing manager would have done for you and possibly done even better than what you’re doing on your own

#3 Cost of Payroll

This is where I want you to focus.  If you start here and recognize that the cost of the right support team is not a loss, but an investment in your business, then you are miles ahead in the race.

Take a step back and look at your game plan and know who you need on your team in order to reach your end goals.  If you need that copywriter to give life to your thoughts, then spend the extra money to ensure you get the quality copywriter that you want.  If you need the highest level systems manager in order to help you take that next step of business growth, then be willing to invest in the cost of that team member.

At the end of the day, the work has to be done.  Either you do it and lose time that could’ve been spent focusing on growth, the work doesn’t get done at all and you miss opportunities, or you can hire someone that is the perfect fit and they get the work done for you.

Consider the gauntlet thrown and the challenge issued here – Don’t be cheap with your team!  By pinching pennies in the area of the right support team, you risk pinching off the air supply to the growth potential in your business.

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