3 Easy Steps to Train Someone to Do What You Need to Stop Doing (now!)

Originally posted September 2013

Working too hard and wish you could get some work off your plate? Wish your team could help you more?

All business owners and entrepreneurs deal with the challenge of taking stuff off their plate and handing it to their team. The fear of “can someone else really do it as good as me?” is a real one and simply part of the business growth journey.

Below are three super simple steps that you can implement now to train your staff to take over some of the tasks that you’re doing — so you can ultimately get them off your plate and spend your time working on things only YOU can do.

A quick note: if you embrace the fact that you need to train someone, these steps will work better for you :-)

STEP 1: Walk Them Through

When you decide what you want to get off your plate, take the time to walk your team member through whatever you’re training them on.

If you have documentation already in place, share this with your team member and have them update it as you train them.

If you don’t have already have documentation in place, have your team member write up the steps while you are training them.

STEP 2: Stay Close

The first couple of times that your team member takes over a task, they will likely have questions. Stay close and make sure you let them know that you’re available to answer questions.

You can also check in from time to time, see how they’re doing and add any additional information and details that you may have left out in previous training/discussions.

STEP 3: Pass the Baton

Once the process is nailed down, your team member is trained and they have completed the task themselves a few times, you need to let it go.

This is probably the most important step.

Once you get to the place of knowing a task is being done the way you want it done, you will be able to truly let it go.

Let’s Get Started:

What tasks would you like to get off your plate in the near future? Start with these three steps and before you know it, you’ll have stuff off your plate and also have your team supporting you the way you need to be supported.

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