Why Are We Afraid To Say That Success Requires Hard Work?

Are we afraid that if we are REAL about what it takes then maybe we will scare people off? If so then allow me to do just that, because creating success is not for the faint of heart.

Maybe we are afraid that they won’t want to hire us if we tell them how hard it really is? I would rather have clients who are ready to do the work vs. those who are expecting me to make it easy (cause I can’t make it easy, I can just be on the journey with you.)

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – Success Requires Hard Work! Being successful in business will test us at every level – financial, spiritual, emotional, mental.

Success is created day by day, step by step – every time we risk putting ourselves out there in service of our clients, our purpose and to create our livelihood.  Curious how I’ve been tested?  Check out my post where I share more – “I Can’t Afford to Mess It Up!”

Yes, there are success *highs* along the way – hitting 6-figures, filling a program, that amazing client that says yes. But those highs are only temporary and will fade.

Once they fade what are you left with? The next step…

As the CEO of a purpose led business the key is to find success in the journey and not just the destination.

#Patience #hardwork #success


I know that success requires hard work!  That’s why I also rely on a few great tools to keep us on track and support my business. You can check them out here.