Love to Be On the Road & Running Your Business? Check This Out

I’ve never been one of those people with the itch to travel. Who would love to be on the road and running their business from exotic locations. To be honest I’ve already been a homebody…

BUT since my trip to Hawaii in December I have to admit, the idea of being able to run my business from the beach is quite appealing! (especially when I see all the snow outside my office window 😉

On the Road and Making Money ExtravaganzaIf you are someone who longs to travel for extended periods (longer vacations, RV lifestyle, spend a few months with the grandkids) or even live abroad (i.e. where it’s warmer!) the “On the Road & Making Money” event may be just what you’re searching for.

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This inspiring annual event is hosted by Linda Claire Puig, an internationally recognized marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs develop profitable relationships and portable businesses. She’s taken her own business abroad numerous times and LOVES IT!

While working abroad with her business in Ecuador and Italy this year, Linda recruited top globetrotting business-freedom experts to pool and share their collective expertise in “On the Road & Making Money!” (I’m honored (and excited) to be one of them!)

In these exciting conversations, you’ll hear fantastic travel stories and immediately actionable business-building tips to help you prepare for YOUR big adventure taking your business abroad (wherever your “abroad” is).

Save your spot now at “On the Road & Making Money!”   Here’s just a tidbit of what you’ll take away from “On the Road & Making Money”…

  • How to teach workshops all over the world in style.
  • How to work less and make more (while traveling all over the world + crossing off items on your bucket list)
  • How to cut your to-do list in half and create the team to support your business while you travel
  • How to indulge your travel freedom dream EVEN IF you still have young kids, aging parents, pets or other responsibilities.
  • How to USE your travels to explode your profits.
  • How to develop the money mindset to jumpstart your income and get you and your business on the road!
  • How to develop a global community that not only helps you grow your business but also provides company, support and insider tips when you travel.
  • Why hitting the road might just be the best business move you could ever make.
  • And much, MUCH more!

If you dream of “someday” traveling to your heart’s content, supported by your portable, profitable business, THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Register now (for FREE) to make YOUR travel freedom happen now.

Not someday.

I will “see” you there!