3 Steps to Managing your Business Debt

There are two schools of thought out there when it comes to debt in your business:

Debt is bad and we shouldn’t have to go there OR
Debt is a tool to be used to grow your business

I fall into camp #2 – debt is simply a tool available to us so that we can invest in the things that will help us grow our businesses. And yes, so long as you are investing wisely then I’m all for debt.

That being said – you DO need to be purposeful as to how and when you pay off your debt or you could get yourself into a bit of a financial pinch… which leads me to this BRILLIANT article from my friend Monica Shah

>> How much debt should you pay off?

She gives you 7 steps that tell you exactly how to pay off your debt and how to create savings at the same time.

Require reading imo – enjoy!