Do this and you will be 30% LESS productive

take control of work“The inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.”

Was watching this video from Brendan Burchard and my ears perked up when he started talking about how we start our day… and specifically when we decide to jump into our inboxes.

Based on a study he did within his High Performance Academy he found that:

“If you check your email in the first hour of the day, you lose 30% productivity over the course of the week. Why? Because you’re opening your day and your inbox and jumping on other people’s agendas.”

Do you check your email in the first hour of the day? If yes, you aren’t alone…. AND it is having a major impact on the success of your business to the tune of losing 30% of your time, your energy and your income. You are then operating at the mercy of what is in your inbox vs. taking control of your day, your work and ultimately your destiny.

Such a wee thing that can make a HUGE impact, love it.

So I ask you – what else could you do for the first hour each day before checking email? Maybe we need to start a First Hour Challenge and see what we can create – you in?