The 6-Figure Agency

For VAs, OBMs, and Online Service Providers Who Are Ready to Take Their Business to the Next Level

Break Free From the 1-1 Model of ‘Doing All the Work Yourself’ and Build a Team of Trusted Professionals that Allow You to Expand Your Capacity, Serve More Clients & Make More Money

Certified OBM® Training

For Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, Project Managers, Online Marketing Specialists, Admin Professionals and anyone who ‘gets stuff done’ for their clients.

Become an Online Business Manager and Leverage your Operations and Administrative Expertise, Take Control of your Success and *Finally* Get Paid What you are Worth as the Person Who Works Their Buns Off Behind the Scenes (and LOVES it!)

Lead from Within

A Leadership Course Created Exclusively for Service Providers

How do you deal with clients who keep changing their mind about what they want? What are you supposed to say when team members aren’t delivering on what they promise? Leadership is an essential skill for the growing service provider and yet it’s not one that comes naturally to most of us…

Create your own Certification or Licensing Program

“Turning your Expertise into a Turnkey Offering for Your Ideal Clients”

I started my first Certification training in 2009 – The Online Business Manager Certification & Training program – and to be honest I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Left a lot of money on the table! I now help other amazing experts turn their creations into Certification & Licensing programs (and help them avoid the mistakes I made along the way.)…

How Scalable is your Business?

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