Let's Align your Rates with your Value and Make More Money in 2020... Ooooo yea!

The Pricing, Packaging & Incentive Workshop w/Tina Forsyth

Here's what we are doing with our Pricing, Packaging & Incentive Workshop.

I like to create things in an INTENSIVE workshop environment so that we can dig deep and create results quickly.  

So, I’d like to invite you to join me for this 3-hour workshop created exclusively for the service provider who wants to break free from hourly retainers and make more money. 

It's time to stop charging 'by the hour' for your work. 😬

GASP! Yes I know... for many of you this may seem down right crazy. Even impossible. But we assure you, it is the root of many of the challenges that we see people struggling with when it comes to making more money in their service business.

  • You only have so many hours in the day and they are already full - so how the heck are you supposed to continue to grow your business? (Hint: you have to break the time for money habit!)
  • You are darn good at what you do and work quickly... which basically means you get paid less over time. (Doesn't make any sense does it!)
  • You have to track every little bit of your time in order to bill your clients (ugh, don't you hate that?) <-- UGH!
  • Not to mention when you forget to track the time it took to do something, then you have to go back and try to remember what you did and how long it took.
  • Your clients nit pick you about how long it takes you to do stuff and you feel like you have to justify your every move. <--- DOUBLE UGH!

The bottom line is this - billing by the hour will always keep your income LIMITED!

If you want to make more money you need to break the time-for-money habit. You need to find another way to charge for what you do. 

"K, I get it... but If I'm not charging hourly or doing retainers then how do I charge for my services?"  

There are two options:  

  • Results Based Packages - where you charge for what you deliver and not for the time it takes to do the work.
  • Incentive Based Compensation - where you get paid based on the growth of the business so that as your client's incomes grows you get paid more as well.

I am going to teach you both of these models - and help you pick the right one for YOU! - in this workshop. 

Here’s an outline of what we are going to cover: 

  • Why the traditional time-for-money model is essentially BROKEN, and what you can do instead
  • How to embrace the true value of what your work is WORTH (and how we are our own worst enemies when it comes to accepting this!)
  • Getting clear on the RESULTS you bring to your clients (ESSENTIAL when it comes to growing your own income.)
  • The TWO-TYPES of packages for service providers and how to know which is best for you
  • A step-by-step process for mapping out and PRICING your packages (just fill in the blanks and done!)
  • When to offer a package vs. when to consider INCENTIVE based compensation
  • The 5 PRINCIPLES of incentive based compensation (you must consider ALL of these before setting up incentive)
  • A FORMULA for how to calculate incentive based compensation, including specific examples
  • Tips on how to TALK to new or existing clients so that they can help but say YES! to your new pricing and packages.

Oh yes... all of that in just 3 hours together. 🙌🙌

Let's do this... shall we? 

Here’s how it will work...  

  • This is an INSTANT ACCESS 3-Hour Workshop led by Tina Forsyth. As soon as you register you get access to the entire workshop and can jump right in (woo hoo!) 
  • Tina will be your personal guide for our time together and will walk you through our proven pricing process and help you decide which option makes the best sense for you. 

Put simply, we want you to feel CLEAR on your various pricing options and how to calculate your new HIGHER rates by end of the workshop. And you are welcome to email Tina directly with any questions that arise - so that you feel confident in your pricing. 

The Total Cost is $297 USD

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About Tina Forsyth

After starting her own coaching business in 2000, Tina quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, Tina began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses, and thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.  

As the demand for high-level support continued to rise, she shifted her focus from being the OBM to training OBMS and founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008 — the home of the Certified OBM® Training . In the 10+ years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtually based businesses.  

Tina continues to work with visionaries and business leaders to align their business with their calling, and to create the container of support they need in order to expand into their full potential. Learn more at: www.tinaforsyth.com