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Thanks a bunch for your interest in sharing the Leaky Bucket Manifesto. I’m on a mission to help people “keep their sanity while growing their business” and every copy of the Manifesto we can get into someone’s hands makes a difference. You rock. 🙂

My goal is twofold for affiliates:

  1. To make it easy peasy for you to give away copies of the Manifesto <– see below for “cut & paste” copy you can use
  2. To give you a commission on future purchases that your referrals make (now or later)

Alrighty then – here’s the scoop in a 5W format:

WHO is the Manifesto for?

  • entrepreneurs, anyone who owns a growing business that they started on their own (ie: as a solopreneur)

WHAT are they getting?

  • A copy of the free report The Leaky Bucket Manifesto: How to plug the leaks in your business so you can get stuff done, make more money and keep your sanity!
  • An invitation to attend the free live video streaming event of the same name on November 17th
  • Where they will be offered the opportunity to participate in a  brand spanking new “Plug your Leaks” Training Program at $497/$697 <– and you get 25% of any sales from this, but of course

WHEN is the promotion period (aka when can you send?)

  • It’s live now baby! You can start sending/sharing as of November 1st through to November 17th which is the date of our live video training
  • NOTE: If you aren’t able to send before the 17th let us know and we can set you up with a “custom” promotion that works for your schedule

WHERE will folks be sent?

Your affiliate link is setup to go the Leaky Bucket opt-in page at:


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Here are some things you can use to spread the good word of the Leaky Bucket. And you are of course welcome to tweak/change/edit as you see fit.

LONGER EMAIL COPY (for a solo blast)

Subject: Where are the leaks in your business? [recommendation]


It’s one thing to create a business, it’s another thing to run it… and this is something that many entrepreneurs are unprepared for.

One day you are growing your business and having fun, the next day it feels like your business is sucking the life out of you. This is what my friend Tina Forsyth calls the Leaky Bucket Syndrome – where we focus so much on getting more “into the bucket” (sales, marketing and getting clients) but neglect to make sure that the bucket (behind the scenes of your biz) is whole and healthy.

Now Tina is in process of writing a book on this topic, but that is going to take a couple more months to finish and she doesn’t want you to wait – there too many leaks going on right now! – so she’s put together a free report for you to dive into now:

The Leaky Bucket Manifesto: How to Plug the Leaks in Your Business So You Can Get Stuff Done, Make More Money & Keep Your Sanity
>> Grab your copy now (including an invite to a live video training on the 17th) at [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Could you be suffering from Leaky Bucket Syndrome? Here are a few of the common symptoms (she shares more in the free report on page 2):

  • Instead of working less, you are now working 24/7 trying to get everything done, there is no light at the end of the tunnel and you have no idea how you get yourself into this mess.
  • You have those middle of the night moments, waking up in a cold sweat thinking “OMG, did X get done? Yikes! I don’t think it did…”
  • Your calendar is out of control. You have no more time to book anything, have missed calls and have even been double booked a few times (which never used to happen.)
  • You and your team are flying by the seat of your pants, everything seems to be last minute and a lot of balls are being dropped despite best efforts all around.
  • You wake up in the morning dreading the day. What once felt like a lot of fun is now a drag.

Bottom line is this – if you are tired, frustrated and starting to wonder what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into then you need to grab a copy of this report.


Here’s to plugging those leaks once and for all


SHORTER BLURBS (to be used in a newsletter, posted on your blog, etc)

Option #1
Picture this… you are making money, sales are higher than ever and the clients are rolling in. Everything that you have been working towards is finally coming true. Woo hoo! But to your surprise, it is beginning to feel like your business is sucking the life out of you. Strange things are starting to happen in your business that are causing you alarm – balls are dropping and clients are getting frustrated – you are working harder than ever and yet it still feels like you are barely keeping up. This is what my friend Tina Forsyth calls Leaky Bucket Syndrome and she has written a free report to help you figure out what’s going on (and how to fix it!) – grab your copy at:  [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Option #2
It’s one thing to grow a business, it’s another thing to RUN a business… and many entrerpreneurs simply aren’t prepared for this. My friend Tina Forsyth is “grabbing the bull by the horns” so to speak and sharing what it takes to make a business work – you know, all that “behind the scenes stuff” that many of us don’t like and yet is so important to our success. In her brand spanking new Leaky Bucket Manifesto she is outlining for us the 3 elements to running and successful business, and what it takes to plug the leaks in your business so you can get more done, make more money and keep your sanity. Grab your copy now at: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] – includes an invitation to a live video training that she is doing on November 17th as well.

WEE COPY (for tweets, status updates or anywhere you want to use a one-liner)

What are the 3 elements to running a successful (and sane!) business? Grab ur free Leaky Bucket Manifesto from @tinaforsyth LINK

When it comes to running a business, entrepreneurs will fall into one of 2 categories – which are you? via @tinaforsyth LINK

Are you suffering from Leaky Bucket Syndrome? Page 2 of this free report from @tinaforsyth will tell you the symptoms to look for LINK

According to @tinaforsyth it’s important to ask yourself – what kind of business do I want and why? Leaky Bucket Manifesto LINK

Are you ready for your business to become “bigger than you?” Or not… Leaky Bucket Manifesto from @tinaforsyth LINK

Why do you need systems? It’s about saving your sanity as you grow your biz – Leaky Bucket Manifesto from @tinaforsyth LINK

As @tinaforsyth shares in her new Manifesto – there are 3 parts to an effective system (and you need them all to make it work) LINK

Can systems be sexy? @tinaforsyth says yes when you know what they can do for you – Leaky Bucket Manifesto LINK

What is the worst place to keep your to-do list? Mistake #1 that @tinaforsyth shares in the Leaky Bucket Manifesto LINK

Tired of your team “bugging” you all the time re: how to do stuff? @tinaforsyth shares a solution in Mistake #2 at: LINK

Always treat your business as though it could be sold tomorrow (even if you don’t plan on it.)  free report from @tinaforsyth LINK

You need to take ownership of how your business is run BUT that doesn’t mean you do all the work (in fact you do less) via @tinaforsyth LINK

Don’t wait until you are drowning in work before you hire someone to help. Leaky Bucket Manifesto from @tinaforsyth LINK

As your business grows you will be paying for it in one of two ways – which do you choose? free report from @tinaforsyth LINK