Hire an OBM

Looking to hire a Certified OBM? You are in the right place

As the founder of the Certified OBM® program, I am SOOO glad that you are looking to hire an OBM! Getting this high level of support in your business can be life changing for both you and your business. I would like to make it as quick and simple as possible for you to find your ideal match.

First, just a quick check in… if you aren’t exactly sure whether or not you need to hire an OBM (vs. hiring a VA or otherwise), here are a few resources to clarify the role and help identify who you need.

If you are feeling confident that “YES, an OBM is exactly who I need!” we have a couple of options available for you:

  • Browse the Certified OBM Directory
  • Submit a Request For Proposal (RFP) to our Certified OBM community

Both of these options are available to you (at no charge) via the OBM Association website at: www.onlinebusinessmanager.com

Questions? You can reach us at hire@tinaforsyth.com 👍