Elevate Inner Circle

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You are an experienced service provider who has created a solid foundation of success… and you are feeling called to take things to the next level – it’s time.

You love what you do, you have a full roster of clients and are busy.

You have potential clients coming to you on a regular basis but you don’t have space to take them on at this time (even though you want to say yes!)

You know that you could be charging more and up leveling your services but you aren’t sure exactly what that looks like.

You know that you could be hiring team members to take some of the load off your shoulders and are interested in creating an agency model that frees you up to do the higher level work only (and have your team to do the rest.)

Put simply, you want to keep growing and take your business to the next level and that won’t happen with the way things are running right now.

ELEVATE Inner Circle (6 Months)

The Elevate Inner Circle is a mix of direct 1-1 support, ‘just in time’ training & masterminding with your peers.

This 6 month program includes:

The ELEVATE Training Library & Online Resource Centre

As a member of Elevate you get access to our MOST POPULAR training programs from the past few years, including:

  • Creating a Profitable ‘Done for You’ Agency
  • Lead From Within
  • Package, Pricing & Incentive Virtual Workshop
  • 7 Best Online Business Models
  • Implementer’s Club (52 Weekly Lessons)
  • Profit First Club
  • Create your Certification
  • Automation & Streamlining Your Business
  • CEO Summer School
  • Automate Your Marketing

($7000+ value if purchased separately)

Twice Monthly LIVE Group MASTERMIND Calls

One of the tenets of ELEVATE is collaboration – together we can go further than we ever could on our own. These monthly calls hosted by Tina Forsyth and/or one of our Elevate Coaches will be your place for ongoing support and guidance “check-in” to ensure that you have what you need to take action towards your goals. Together with your peers, we will be there to strategize, brainstorm, give support and celebrate with you at each step along the way.

Quarterly LIVE Virtual Retreats

Retreat days start at 9am pacific / noon eastern, and go for up to 5 hours (depending on the number of participants). We recommend planning this as a day “off”, so that you are free to focus on your business without clients and such.

Upcoming Virtual Retreat Dates:

  • October 18th & 19th, 2018 – VISIBILITY RETREAT & WORKING DAY
  • January 2019 (dates TBD)
  • April 2019 (dates TBD)

GAME PLAN Sessions & Additional 1-1 Support

You also get ongoing 1-1 support from your ELEVATE Coach on this journey. This includes:

1) One Kick off GAME PLAN Session

We begin with a private 1-1 session (90 minutes) where we focus deeply on your business: where you are currently, your biggest challenges, what you desire to build, and how to get there. We address strategic questions around your business structure, clients, marketing strategies and income opportunities to create long-lasting impact and sustainable growth. The goal of this session is to identify your Top 3 projects for the next 90-days (quarter) and to identify key action steps.

2) Monthly 1-1 Coaching Calls (30 minutes each)

In addition to the GAME PLAN session and the ongoing twice monthly Mastermind calls, you have six (6) 1-1 coaching sessions to be used at your discretion throughout the 6-month program.

PRIVATE ELEVATE Facebook group

This exclusive online community will be your resource for questions throughout the program, allowing for questions, speedy feedback, support, sharing of resources and recommendations.

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