Turn your IP into a Profitable & Sustainable Certification or Licensing Model

The Certification Accelerator w/Tina Forsyth

Creating a Certification or Licensing program is one of the best ways to leverage the Intellectual Property (IP) you’ve already created in your business - your hard-earned knowledge and expertise.

People are HUNGRY for trusted models that they can use to fast-track their success. Instead of having to come up with their own stuff and create it all from scratch, they are craving a proven process that they can implement NOW so they don’t have to keep messing around (this is especially true in today’s economic climate where so many are looking to start/expand their business!)

When you package your IP into a Certification program that allows your clients to create quick, measurable success, it opens the door for ongoing growth on both sides - for you and your clients!

You also get to charge premium prices - usually 3-4x more than you would for a ‘regular’ training program or other services - because you are giving them a proven model for success. By allowing them to follow directly in your footsteps you are saving them months (maybe even years) of having to figure it all out on their own.

This is also the reason why Certification programs are an 'easy sell’ compared to other programs. You will be delighted to find how much easier it is to sell a plug-and-play model that essentially guarantees their success, compared to selling training and/or coaching programs that have SO much competition these days.

Once established, your Certification program can be highly automated, requiring minimal time & effort on your part to deliver… a true work less & make more model!

The Certification & Licensing model has been the backbone of my business success for over 14 years now. First with the creation of my Certified Online Business Manager® Training in 2009, which has successfully launched the businesses of hundreds of OBMs. And now with my Licensed Certified OBM Trainers, who sell the training directly to their clients and send me royalties with each sale.

Not only have these programs brought millions of dollars of revenue to my company over the years - and created 10X that for all those who have become certified! - they’ve allowed me to create a long-term, recurring income stream that requires just a few hours of my time each month to maintain.

Oooo yea baby! Pretty dreamy yes?

As much as I love Certification programs, I want you to be aware… they need to be set up correctly from day one or you might get yourself in trouble.

This is NOT like other business models where you can just ‘make it up as you go’ or dip a toe in the water and see what happens - your IP and reputation are at stake!

If you are not purposeful with how you design and offer your Certification from day one, you can end up making a giant mess of things. (I’ve seen people essentially lose their IP over poorly run programs... with no recourse and no way to get it back, yipes!)

Before you make your first sale, we want to consider all aspects of your Certification program, including:

  • WHAT to include - and NOT include - in your certification. What aspects of your IP are you going to be giving them and what are they allowed to do with it?
  • WHO is your ideal student and why would they want to be certified by you? There are 3 key elements to a successful Certification offer (if you don’t include these it will be a tough sell!)
  • The RISKS of Certification – what to know and how to protect yourself (if you aren’t careful you could end up with a big ‘ole mess on your hands…)
  • The DIFFERENCE between licensing and certification – how to know when to do one, the other or BOTH.
  • How to determine the best PRICE for your program - finding that ‘sweet spot price’ that  provides great value to your students while adding at least $20K - $40K to your bottom line with your first cohort
  • Setting the stage for your UPSELL into ongoing coaching and/or mentoring programs once they are certified (so much more money to be made here as well!)
  • How to structure the CURRICULUM of your program using proven adult learning strategies, so that your students are able to integrate their learning
  • The best TIMELINE for your program - should it be 90 days long? 6 months? A year? There are different options depending on your overall goals.
  • How to create a powerful LEARNING EXPERIENCE so that your students come out of your program confident and ready (hint: it's not enough to just give them a series of training videos)
  • 4 options for your Certification TESTING process and how to choose the right evaluation criteria (so that you have full confidence that as your students are certified, they know what they are doing and won’t ruin your hard-earned reputation)
  • Setting up for long-term SUCCESS for both you and your students post Certification. (What will have them happily continue to invest with you for years to come?)
  • The key to a successful SALES conversion that will lead people to a quick YES! (there is a different flavor to selling Certification programs that makes them an easier sell... )
  • Why you MUST have LEGAL AGREEMENTS in place and what specifically to include to ensure you are protecting your IP and your business.
  • How to protect your program and business via TRADEMARKS and other measures.

In the Certification Accelerator we work together to answer these questions and lay out your program, to set the stage for a long-term, sustainable offering that will serve you (and your clients!) for years to come.

Want Help to Create Your Certification?

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“This is hands down one of the best programs I have found around certification. I had just published my book Uncloned Marketing and had people asking me about becoming certified, but I didn’t know how to structure it, what to include and what not to include. This program breaks down every single thing – including stuff I didn’t even think about around agreements, renewals and more. Plus, Tina has her own certification program that she has been running for years and teaches from her experience so you are getting real, ‘from the trenches’ strategies that work.”

~ Audria Richmond, Marketing and Launch Strategist, Author of Uncloned Marketing®

“I was so happy to learn that Tina was doing this Certification Accelerator program as it was exactly what I needed to finish the vision of a certification program that I had been carrying around for a while. This is a ‘done with you’ program which worked really well for me – it was a happy medium between strategy and ‘rolling up our sleeves’ to dig in and get the work done. Because Tina has run her own certification program for so long, she was able to give me strategies to simplify and streamline what I am creating… saving me years of effort and mistakes along the way. If you are considering working with Tina I highly recommend it as she is a pro and will have your back every step of the way.”  

~ Darla LeDoux, Founder of the Sourced Certified Leader, author of Shift the Field

About Tina Forsyth

After starting her own coaching business in 2000, Tina Forsyth quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, she began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses, and thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.

Tina is a pioneer in the world of online business – having founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008, the home of the Certified OBM® Training. In the 15 years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtually-based businesses.

As a coach and consultant, Tina is passionate about helping powerful leaders who are here to make a difference and specializes in helping her clients create certification and licensing programs to expand their brands. Her clients are high achievers who don’t just want a thriving business – they want to be leaders in their industry and are here to leave a mark on this world.