Calling all Service Professionals who are tired of the 1-1 grind…

Discover How to Break Free From The 1-1 Model of ‘Doing All the Work Yourself’ to Creating Your Own Profitable Agency of Top Notch Professionals That Can Do The Work For You.

It’s Time to Serve More Clients, Make More Money and Become Known as the Go-To Leader in Your Field!

Creating a Profitable ‘Done for You’ Agency
Training with Tina Forsyth

From: Tina Forsyth, author of The Entrepreneur’s Trap

You do amazing work. Your clients love you.

But your business is no longer working for you.

  • You are tired of working TOO MUCH already trying to get everything done, but you have no idea how to fix it without losing clients.
  • Your income is capped by the number of hours YOU are available to work – and you feel the frustration of being trapped at your current income level.
  • You want to GROW and potential clients keep knocking at your door, but you can’t possibly take on one more client or it might put you over the edge!

When you do GREAT WORK for your clients it is inevitable – you will hit the bursting point.

The BURSTING POINT is when you want to continue to grow your service business but you simply can’t add one more thing to your already busy schedule or you just might burst!

I get it – I’ve been there myself and as much as it’s great to have a full business, it can also be EXHAUSTING. The constant pressure to keep up, and to do it all on your own… it can start to feel like a burden.

The truth is – the Bursting Point is not sustainable!

If you allow yourself to stay at the bursting point too long not only will it drain you but you will continue to turn away money from all those cool prospects who really want (and need!) what you have to offer.

The bursting point is actually an AMAZING opportunity for you to explore how you can serve more clients, make more money and NOT add more work to your already full plate! (In fact, once you get through the bursting point you can have a lot less work on your plate.)

So how do you get out of the bursting point?

First you need to decide if you REALLY want to grow – or do you want to find a more sane and stable way to continue your 1-1 service business?

There is no right or wrong answer here – it’s simply a choice that you need to make based on your current desires and goals. I’ve had clients decide to pull back a bit in their business and continue to serve clients 1-1 in a more empowered way with their current business model.

But if you KNOW you are ready to grow – and that NOW is the time – then you need to find the best LEVERAGED business model for who you are and where you want to go next in your service business.

This is about honoring who you are and leveraging your EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE into a new model that allows you to serve more clients and make more money.

This isn’t about creating passive revenue or doing something totally new.

I have to be honest… when I hear things like:

“Tina, I’ve decided that I want to create an info product”

“I’m tired of working 1 on 1 – it’s time for me to start a membership program”

“My coach told me I should stop doing 1-1 work for my clients and start a training program instead”

It’s gotten to the point where I cringe when I hear this and I will talk my clients out of it more often than not. Why?

These are entirely different business models – training program, memberships, info products, live events and such… all of these require a powerful marketing engine and may mean doing a complete 180 in your business.

In other words, you may find yourself essentially starting from scratch and building an entirely new business. (This may be the right choice for you depending on your goals and desires, but I’ve seen a few too many smart and talented people suffer here when they’ve tried to switch from a 1-1 service model to a leveraged training, membership or group model without realizing what that change was going to mean.)

I LOVE the Agency model because it is simply an expansion of what you are already doing.

You get to build on the success you’ve already created vs. starting from scratch.

You get to keep doing great work with the same type of clients vs. having to tap into an entirely new market.

You get to own your expertise and step out to be seen as a ‘go to’ leader in your industry.

And most importantly, you get to leverage what people REALLY want to buy from you – what they are willing to pay the big bucks for.

‘Done for You’ services are in HIGH demand right now – higher than ever – and people are willing to pay top dollar for the right support.

One of the biggest shifts in the market place right now is the shift from ‘tell me what to do’ to ‘help me get it done!’

There is no shortage of coaches, speakers, consultants and trainers out there who are telling people what needs to be done. And this is important – we need clarity and guidance!

But people aren’t getting stuff done. They are feeling stuck and frustrated with all these greats ideas and advice that they just can’t bring to life – because they can’t do it! Nor do they want to.

Clients are HUNGRY for done-for-you support that gets stuff done.

They DO NOT want to learn how to do it themselves, they want someone to:

  • Build their websites
  • Do their social media
  • Write their copy
  • Take care of bookkeeping
  • Manage their projects
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • Answer their emails
  • Run their webinars
  • Manage their launches
  • I could go on and on…

You name it – people want to hire someone to DO it for them.

But that doesn’t mean that YOU have to be the one to do the work.

Which is why I LOVE the agency model… by building a team of professionals to ‘do the work’ you can continue to provide 1-1 service to your clients without having the do all the work yourself. (And once your team is up to speed and well trained, in time you may do none of the work at all!)

Customer care care for employees labor union CRM and life insurance concepts. Protecting gesture of businesswoman or personnel with icons representing group of people.

This program is ideal for any ‘done for you’ service professional or freelancer who wants to continue to provide a high level of 1-1 support to their clients BUT doesn’t want to keep doing all the work themselves!

You might be a:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Business Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Launch Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Software/Tech Pro (ie: Infusionsoft expert)

Creating a Profitable ‘Done for You’ Agency is a
4-Part Training Taught LIVE by
Tina Forsyth

Here is what you will learn in this training program:

Session 1 – Customizing the Agency Model

  • What is a ‘done for you’ agency – the key elements of this model and how to apply them to your goals
  • How an agency makes money – what to expect at each stage of growth
  • Your role in the business – you will need to shift from “doer” to leader of your own business (and how to be ready for that change!)
  • What do clients really want? – why so many more want to hire a team (agency) vs. individuals.

Session 2 – How to Structure your Service Offerings

  • Getting clear on what you are (and aren’t!) going to offer to your clients – what expertise are you going to provide?
  • Options for structuring your offerings – will you offer hourly work, retainers, packages or otherwise?
  • How to price your offerings – so that you can pay your team well and still make a PROFIT in the business.
  • How to pay your team – how you structure your offerings will determine how to pay your team!

Session 3 – Finding, Hiring & Training the Best Team

  • Getting clear on who you need on your team – based on your offerings as well as key players that everyone needs
  • The best people to hire for your team – do you need subcontractors? employees? both?
  • Where to find your ideal team members – proven strategies for finding the best people out there
  • How to train you team – a proven training method so that your team can provide top-notch work to your clients from day one

Session 4 – Day to Day Management of Projects & Team

  • How to manage the flow of work – when you have a team of multiple people and multiple clients you NEED to have a strong system!
  • Setting expectations and agreements – with your team members and your clients
  • Your role as the leader of the company – what you need to do (and not do!) to support your team and clients
  • How to handle challenges as they arise – with your team members and your clients

Pretty juicy stuff eh?

As much as I love the ‘Done for You’ Agency model I want to be real with you… It’s easy to make a HUGE mess of this type of business!

At face value it seems simple, all you need to do is find people who can do the work, hire them and have them start serving your clients. Right?

Not quite… you see, there are many aspects to creating and running an agency that you may not be aware of yet (or may find yourself struggling with now).

Here is a list of the questions you will need to answer for yourself on this journey:

  • How do I know who I need to hire and where do I find them?
  • When do I hire someone? Should I be hiring now or later? What if I hire now and don’t have enough clients to give them work?
  • How much should I pay the people I hire? Do I pay them hourly? By retainer? By package?
  • Is it OK to have contractors on my team or should I consider hiring employees?
  • I hired someone to help and they can’t do what they promised they could do – and now my clients are upset with me, help!
  • What kind of agreements do I need to have in place with my team members? What about with my clients?
  • How do I structure my pricing so that the business makes money while still being able to pay my team?
  • What is my role in all of this? I thought I would be working less but i’m actually working way more now.
  • My reputation is at stake here – what if I hire someone to do the work and they can’t deliver at the level that I would?
  • My clients only want to work with me – how can I make them happy and excited to work with my team instead?

I rode this roller-coaster myself back in 2005 with my partner Cindy Greenway when we started the Multiple Streams Team – a virtual support agency where we worked with coaches and other online entrepreneurs. Although we reached 6-figures in revenue rather quickly, it was a MAJOR headache to run and we had to learn some hard lessons on the way.

(We actually shut the business down in 2008 because it simply wasn’t worth it anymore).

If only I knew then what I know now…

I can assure you – it doesn’t have to be that hard. Not only did we learn ALOT running our own agency but I’ve since had the honor of supporting hundreds of other professionals in creating their own.

In the past 5 years I’ve discovered what works. What doesn’t work. And how to save you the expense and headache of doing it wrong (and believe me, when you do it wrong it can be costly in both money & reputation!)

This is big stuff y’all, and if you don’t go into this with your eyes-wide-open and truly ready to answer these questions then you are going to struggle. And that sucks – it doesn’t serve you or your clients!

There is simply too much at stake here to not do it right.

“My business was stuck at a certain income level and I couldn’t grow because I was stuck in the mode of “doing it all myself.” I knew I had to make some changes to hit the multi-six figure mark. I quickly realized that I also couldn’t take vacations or time off EVER because I didn’t have backup or someone to even answer emails while I was gone. And that’s when my decision to have a team based business came into being.

I knew that I was an amazing trainer, coach, consultant, online business manager, etc. but I needed some help in the form of a team. I hired a few team members and it did not work out. I had no clue what I was doing, how to manage the team, how to step into my role as CEO of my business… the list goes on and on! I had no clue how to create a team based business (and not waste time by hiring the wrong people and not having the right processes in place).

I jumped at the chance to take this program and I can honestly say it has changed my life and my business. I no longer dread Monday mornings and I get great joy out of delegating to my amazing team. My business is now in it’s second year as a multi-six figure business, I’m able to help more clients, my team is awesome and growing, and I love what I do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Thank you Tina and Tiffany from the bottom of my heart.”

– Sharon Broughton, Owner

“After years of being in business I found my clients asking for more from me – they knew they needed help BUT they didn’t want to have to pay, nor manage, a bunch of people. This is how my team-based business was born. I won’t sugar coat it and say that having a team has been easy, because it hasn’t. I will say, however, that the journey has been worth it. Instead of being buried ‘in the work’ I can now focus on serving my clients at a higher level than I could ever do alone. It has given me the opportunity to take my business to a different level than would ever be possible as a solopreneur.

The bottom line is, I signed up to work with Tina because I was struggling to take my business to the next level and felt (and still feel) that if Tina could not help me make it happen, it could not be done. It’s getting done. And I’ve since realized that I never wanted to go back to being a solo VA.  Honestly, I really do believe that leading a team and serving my clients at this higher level is part of my make up, “who I am”.  I cannot imagine running my business any other way.”

~ Kristi Pavlik, Chief Visionary Officer,

“When I found myself booked solid for four months in advance and turning clients away I had mixed emotions—happy about my bank account balance, but sad for those who wanted to work with me and couldn’t or didn’t want to wait that long for service. I knew there had to be a way to retain that business. So I started building a team.

Unfortunately, without any resources or peers to turn to for advice and guidance, it’s been an uphill battle. Working with Tina and Tiffany—people who have been there, done that—has helped me to shift my mindset in critical ways and learn the fundamental skills necessary for a healthy, profitable, growing, and happy team based business. Now I can help at least twice the number of writers achieve their goals and dreams, not to mention supporting my fellow editors by enabling them to do more of what they love. I’m still working through it all, but I know that moment where I experience my first huge breath of fresh air in years is just over the horizon, thanks to these pro ladies.”

Ally E. Machate, Bestselling Ghostwriter, Book Doctor, Publishing Consultant,

So, is this for you? I daresay yes if…

  1. You are turning clients away because you are FULL — you simply can’t say yes to anymore of the opportunities that are still coming your way… but you would like to!
  2. You have clients coming to you ASKING if you “can also do X” – and you don’t know how, but really want to be able to offer these services to clients!
  3. You are damn good at what you do and want to establish yourself as the EXPERT you are, train others to do what you do, serve more clients (and ultimately make more money.)
  4. You are in the process of building an agency already and are STRUGGLING or STUCK – things might be falling apart around you, or maybe you have simply plateaued and you want to learn how to take it to the next level.

Bottom line is, if you are going to do it then it’s worth doing right… this is not something to dabble in – there is too much at stake! – but if you know it’s for you then we are ready to give you all the tools, checklist, support and guidance you need to lift you up. 🙂

This program is all about doing it *right* – building a ‘Done for You’ Agency that serves your CLIENTS, your TEAM and YOU at the highest level possible (vs. creating a nightmare that sucks the life out of you and could ruin your reputation, eek!)

Sound good? Just register below and you are set.

Creating a Profitable ‘Done for You’ Agency

A pre-recorded training program with Tina Forsyth

Exclusively for ‘get it done’ service providers and freelancers who have the *itch* to take their business to the next level…

When you sign up, here’s what you will receive:

The program consists of 4 webinar training sessions.  Tina Forsyth will be your lead trainer and host.

Your complete training package includes:

    • 4 Webinar Training Sessions teaching you all the elements of what you need to do to create your own ‘done for you’ agency.
    • LIFETIME Access to VIDEO & AUDIO RECORDINGS of each session, for future reference in case you miss a session or want to review the training content.
    • Easy to follow WORKSHEETS, CHECKLISTS and RESOURCES for each session, so you can quickly start to apply your new skills.
  • BONUS Recording of Live Plan Reviews Listen in on this recorded session where Tina gives feedback and advice on different team-based business plans.

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My ‘Swear On My Laptop’ Promise to You…

As a service provider who has been around the block, my goal is your absolute satisfaction. Put simply, if you aren’t happy then I’m not happy.

You have up until 15 days after purchase OR up to the end of the first day of live training (whichever comes first) to give it a go, and if you discover it is not for you… let us know and we will refund whatever portion (or full amount) you’ve paid. I swear on my laptop…

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Register above, and I’ll see you on the flip side.


Tina Forsyth, Business Leverage Expert
Author of the award winning book The Entrepreneur’s Trap (available at Amazon and other online retailers)
Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers

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