the secret to successful marketing

the secret to successful marketing

I wouldn’t call it a secret per se, but it certainly is true.

If you want to be successful in your marketing efforts you need one thing:


Consistency in how often you show up – successful marketing starts with showing up on a regular basis. Be it a weekly podcast. Thrice weekly articles. Daily posts or whatever you decide. If you are sporadic in your marketing efforts, you will get sporadic results.

Consistency in what you say – know your ideal client and how you can serve them, and build all of your marketing around this ONE thing. Confusing messages send mixed signals to the point where people may not know exactly what you do.

When we lack consistency it will show in our results. I know this because I’ve made these mistakes myself, more times than I care to admit. 😉

If you struggle with consistency in your marketing, let me ask you:

  • What ACTION can you commit to taking daily for the next 90 days?
  • What MESSAGE are you willing to focus on during this time?

I’m curious what would be possible if you gave it 90 days… give it a try and let me know.


Biggest mistake I made leading my first retreat…

I remember when I did my first small retreat back in 2013 – I made a mistake that is all too common for retreat leaders. Perhaps you can relate?

My friend Darla LeDoux is doing her ‘Pitch Me Your Retreat’ laser-coaching calls this week. If you have a retreat idea you are considering – or already have a retreat you are offering that isn’t working – be sure to hop on one of these sessions and get Darla’s direct feedback and advice. >> Click here to grab your spot

In the spirit of full disclosure this email includes affiliate links, so if you sign up for anything that Darla offers I may get an affiliate commission. Which would be awesome cause I know you would be in good hands – I only share stuff from folks I know and like, regardless of the affiliate commission. Enjoy!

How I create my weekly content

I’ve been asked lately how it is I am able to create articles, posts and videos on a regular basis.

This is something I’ve been purposeful with over the past 2.5 years and it’s become an important part of how I build my business.

I’ve learned 3 things along the way that you might find helpful that I’m sharing in today’s new video.