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The rise of the intrapreneur

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I was talking with a friend recently about a role she was struggling to fill on her team.

“I’ve tried a few people already in this role and it hasn’t worked. You know who I really want? Someone who is tired of running their own business and wants to work with someone else… I feel like they would get it and have the drive I’m looking for.”

On the other side of the coin, I have another friend who has owned and run successful businesses for over 20 years and decided to temporarily shut down her business a couple of years ago to take a sabbatical.

In her words “I was tired of my business. Tired of the hustle. Tired of the grind. The thought of letting my business go felt like freedom to me, and so I shut it down and spent the next year as part of the executive team for another business.”

There is a middle ground opening up between having a job and having our own business. Between being an employee vs. an entrepreneur.

It’s the intrapreneur.

Put simply, an intrapreneur is someone who brings the characteristics of an entrepreneur into the work they are doing for another business. Talked about often in corporate circles, the intrapreneur has a lot to offer to smaller businesses as well.

Vision. Drive. Passion. Innovation. Ownership. Experience.

They can plug into the vision of the company and see the possibilities.

They have the drive to own a project and make it happen, with the ability to tap into the resources of the company they work for.

They can focus their energy on work they do best, vs. trying to get better at things they aren’t good at.

They take ownership of a specific project or division and have the freedom to create results in their own way.

And if they have the experience of running their own business, they bring a level of insight into ‘what it takes’ to make things happen.

The benefit to the intrapreneur – the ability to do their best work and create results, without having to carry the ‘weight’ of the entire business on their shoulders.

I’ve spoken with countless individuals over the past few years who are done with their business. They are tired of the hustle. Tired of the heaviness of total responsibility. Tired of the constant struggle to find or manage clients. Tired of having to jump in when a team member drops a ball. Tired of working too many hours for what often feels like a small return.

They are also lonely.

And yet – they can’t imagine having to go get a job. Having to fit into someone else’s mold. Being told what to do and when to do it.

What if having to ‘get a job’ wasn’t the only option for the disillusioned business owner?

The benefit to the business hiring an intrapreneur – someone who isn’t afraid to take ownership of a project/division and be responsible for the results.

I’ve worked with small business owners now for over a decade in hiring and building teams, and they are equally as tired.

Tired of trying to find good people. Tired of trying to manage and motivate people. Feeling like they are spending all of their time telling them what to do, how to do it and chasing them down to make sure it gets done. Having high standards of work that it seems no one can meet.

At times it can feel like the only option is to do it all themselves, even when they KNOW they need support to take things to the next level.

The number one request I hear from business owners is that they want to hire a ‘self motivated’ individual – someone who bring the intrapreneur characteristics of plugging into the big picture, seeing what needs to be done and taking ownership to make it happen.

I can’t help but wonder – what is possible when we each stop trying to ‘do it all’ and instead look to come together and bring our best in the pursuit of a common goal?

How much more successful could we be when we join forces? When both the risk and the reward are shared?

There are key shifts to be made on boths sides to ensure this kind of relationship works – if you would like me to write another article on these shifts comment below and say ‘more please’. I’m happy to write a ‘part 2’ if it would be helpful. 🙂

And in the meantime, may you know and own your brilliance… and marinate in the possibility of what is created when we come together.

Ego metrics

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I was listening to Ali Brown’s most recent podcast and she was talking about the idea of ‘ego metrics’ and how easy it is to go off track measuring the wrong things in our business.

Ego metrics are those things that make us look good to the outside world, but don’t necessarily reflect the success and health of our businesses. Things like:

  • Revenue numbers – I don’t care how much money you make, how much do you keep? Are you paying yourself consistently? Are you behind on your taxes? That 5-6-7 figure launch could quickly lose it’s shine when you realize how much of that money could be going right back out the door again. #profitfirst baby
  • Social media likes – you may see someone with a lot of followers on their profile, page or group but how engaged are they with their content? Are they the right people for the business? It’s not hard to get big numbers on social media these days but that doesn’t guarantee success. I was listening to a Facebook expert recently who has just over 1000 people in a group and has turned down about 9000 more who requested to join. Why? Because she only allows those who are a fit to join her group and doesn’t care about the ego metrics of “I have thousands in my Facebook group”… and she’s built a highly successful business from that ‘small’ group
  • Luxury lifestyle photos – expensive cars, fancy mansions and trips around the world can give us the impression that someone is living an amazing life and we can do the same! But how far in debt is that person? Do they own that house/car or was it rented for a photo shoot that day? Nor does it represent what real life looks like as an entrepreneur… often giving the impression that our lives are supposed to look this way. HA! I was joking online recently with someone that I’m going to do a ‘glamour shoot’ of me and my Hyundai Santa Fe – driving the kids to school in my gym clothes, wind in my hair. 😉

Don’t be afraid to question the things that people share online as it may not reflect the truth of their success.

And always track the things that matter in our businesses – profit, leads, conversions, client satisfaction, freedom, etc. <– This is where real success is created. 

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Do you want comfort or do you want a breakthrough?

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Oooooeee! Today’s new video is a doozy and timely for many of us (myself included.)

As you feel the call to take things to the next level, you need to be willing to step into the discomfort…

Your ideas could be killing your business

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Imagine you want to grow a tree.

First you plant the seed. Then you spend time tending to the seed – giving it what it needs to grow.

Everyday that you tend to the seed it grows – a little bit at a time. You may not see the growth in the moment but when you look back to where you started you can see the progress.

What happens if we plant a seed and then leave it? It dies. Plain and simple.

Maybe we found another seed that was more exciting and offered the promise of bigger leaves. Brighter flowers. Maybe we got bored of doing the same things every day to tend to that seed. Maybe we got impatient because it wasn’t growing as fast as we wanted it to.

Our ideas are the seeds of our business. They are the starting point of all success.

But every time you embrace a new idea it has the power to halt your progress. It has the power to distract you from your current path.

As entrepreneurs we love our ideas. We call our friends to say “OMG I just had the best idea!” We brag about them on Facebook and tease people with their promise. We hold them close in case someone tries to ‘steal’ them from us.

(Interesting to note that no one owns an idea until they bring it to fruition – Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic is an amazing read on this topic.)

We jump at every new idea thinking that it’s THE ONE that will finally bring us what we want.

We wear our diagnosis of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome like a badge of honor, excusing us from the responsibility of completion because we had ‘another great idea.’

Ideas could be killing your business.

Consistency is what separates the leaders from the seekers.

The ability to say NO more than you ever say yes. To stay committed to your original idea even when it gets tough or loses it’s shiny glow.

To pause and explore an idea fully before taking on the commitment to ‘raise it’ to maturity.

The power of a leader lies in staying steadfastly committed to the original idea – to the vision. To ensuring that the team is working every single day towards that vision.

Consistency is the power that fuels success. It may not be sexy – but it works.


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Whenever we are stuck in our growth there is something that we are tolerating (and that won’t shift until we deal with it.)

LOVE this question

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I was listening to a Dean Jackson podcast while driving back from Montana earlier this week and he posed this question:

What would you do if you only got paid when your client gets a result?

… whoa

Definitely one to pause and consider.

What would you offer? (or STOP offering?)

Who would you work with? (or STOP working with?)

Curious for your thoughts? This one definitely had my wheels turning.


Confidence is Overrated

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We think that we need to feel confident before we take action.

But it’s actually impossible to do so because…

Confidence comes AFTER we’ve taken action. After we’ve done the ‘thing’. After we’ve gained experience.

Confidence is the result of taking action, not the prerequisite.

If you want to feel confident before taking your next step then you may never take that step at all.

(I’ve seen people get stuck here for months and even years waiting to feel confident first… yipes!)

We don’t need confidence to get started.

What we need is COURAGE.

We need to be able to look at what we want and say “I may not know how this will turn out but I’m going to go for it!!” (insert deep breath here.)

Courage is having faith that everything will work out – even if the journey has some ups & downs along the way (like every journey does.)

Courage is putting your stake in the ground and saying “I will NOT let my fear stop me!!!” (which is the choice we are all called to make.)

And the wonderful thing is that courage is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.

It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve already created in your business – there is ALWAYS another level that will scare you. That will call you to step forward into that great unknown.

Courage is one of the most valuable tools in our success toolbox.

And so I ask you… where are you waiting to feel confident? And how is it getting in the way of your growth?

What courageous step are you being called to take today?

Comment below and let me know.

A sales or capacity problem?

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There are two main problems in business.

A SALES problem – when you need more sales/revenue/clients.

Or a CAPACITY problem – when you have trouble delivering on what you have sold.

The key is to know which your biggest problem is right now and to focus on solving it.

In other words – don’t try to solve the problem that you don’t have!

Most of my work is around helping people solve their capacity problems. People come to me when they are growing, making money and have great clients BUT they can no longer keep running the business in the same way. Sometimes this means tweaking their business model (from a 1-1 to a leveraged model). Sometimes this means expanding their team so they don’t have to keep doing it all themselves. Sometimes this means working on getting key systems in place so they can be more automated and have a solid foundation to grow on. Usually it’s a mix of all 3 things.

When someone comes to me asking to work on capacity problems one of the first things I dig into is their sales and current revenue.

Do they have enough (or too many) clients? Or are they struggling to get the clients they need?

Are they making any money?

If they are struggling to get clients and aren’t making money then their biggest problem in the moment is a SALES problem – not a capacity problem.

And even if they come to me asking for help with their team, systems & backend I will often (lovingly) decline and recommend that they focus their investment of time/energy/money on getting their sales in order first.

Put simply – I don’t want them to invest in fixing the wrong problem.

That’s just poor business.

Once they have their sales geared up and are easing into the territory of a capacity problem then great! That’s when we can work together.

And as business owners we will always swing back and forth between the two.

We fix our sales problem – it leads to a capacity problem – which then leads to another sales problem as we take things to the next level – and once again, the capacity problem shows up.

This is the natural ebb and flow of our business challenges.

So my question to you today is this – what problem do you CURRENTLY have?

And what are you doing to work on it?

The first step in getting better clients

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If you want to start working with better clients there is an essential first step that can be easily missed.

You have to first start saying NO to the wrong clients!

This may mean:

Letting go of CURRENT clients who are no longer a fit – If you have a glass of water that is already full and you try to pour more water in the glass, what happens? It overflows and creates a big mess! The same thing happens with clients. If you try to take on a new (better!) client when you are already too busy with existing clients you are NOT going to be able to show up and do your best work. First impressions count and if you don’t have the space/time for that new client you may even run the risk of losing them.

OR when your business is full your ideal clients might walk right on by and not even ‘see’ you – because energetically you don’t have room for them. This can sound a little ‘woo-woo’ but I’ve seen it time and time again – you wait and wait for better clients to start showing up but try as you might it’s just not happening. But you don’t want to let go of your current clients because they are safe & sure. Then the moment you let go of a client and create space for a better client things start to happen.

– It can be equally as tempting to continue to say yes to non-ideal prospects either for the money (which is always a consideration, of course!) or because you know you can do the work even if you don’t want to work with that person. So you say yes, suck it up and do it anyways… which leads you right back to our first point – with a business full of non-ideal clients and no room for anyone new!

The more you are willing to say NO to your non-ideal clients the more likely you are to find BETTER clients.

To be clear, I don’t recommend going crazy here and putting yourself into a state of desperation – I’ve seen people fire ALL of their clients overnight (or be advised to do so – eek!) and get themselves into trouble.

This isn’t about ripping off the band-aid, crossing your fingers and hoping that someone will show up. That rarely works out well.

This is about being purposeful about who you want to work with, and being willing to let go of those who are no longer a fit in a strategic and purposeful manner. And being ready to start connecting with the right kind of people.

When you have the courage to let go of what no longer serves you, then you are creating space for what is next. <– This is where change happens.

The Safety of Confusion

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How often do you find yourself not taking action because you are confused. You aren’t sure what to do. You don’t know what the right answer is.

There are times when the confusion is legit BUT there are times when it isn’t.

Because here’s the thing.

When you are CONFUSED you don’t have to take ACTION. 

Confusion is often a mask for fear. It’s a ‘trick’ that our minds like to play on us when we are faced with taking a risk and it scares the pants off us.

Confusion is a convenient way to keep ourselves safe because we can’t move forward until we are 100% SURE, right? When we are looking for a guarantee that ‘it will work’ and that we are making ‘the right choice.’

So how do you know if your confusion is legit or not?

There are a few signs:

  • It comes on the heels of major insight and excitement. You find clarity on something you are REALLY excited about – a new goal, a new venture, a new partnership – and within a day or two the excitement is gone and you just feel confused.
  • It doesn’t go away. You feel like you’ve tried everything to find an answer, and even when you find an ‘answer’ you wake up the next day feeling just as confused as you were before.
  • You refuse to invest in the answer. You find a trusted resource to give you the answer – a coach or a training program – but you stop yourself from investing because you just aren’t sure.

The truth is, we live in a world where we can find the answer to pretty much any question in an instant. In an article. A book. A podcast. A training. A conversation. Posting in a Facebook group.

In our connected world we are literally surrounded by answers every single day.

So if you are confused OFTEN chances are that confusion is your safety zone. 

I’ve spent lots of time in the safety of confusion and what I’ve learned is this:

The only way out is through.

You can’t think or analyze your way out of confusion. The more you seek the ‘right’ answer or a ‘guarantee it will work’ the more confused you may become!

I lovingly like to call this “flushing toilet brain” – where you go around and around but never really get anywhere. It’s a real drain! (pun intended 😉

All you can do is take action in spite of your confusion. To choose what looks like your BEST option and move forward. Take the risk. Make it so.

You can let confusion rule the day, or not. Your choice.