7 signs that you are a strong leader

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If you’ve ever wondered how strong your leadership is – look to your team. They are a reflection of how effective we are as leaders, and can also show us where we need to step it up! Here are 7 things to look for in your team to see where/how strong your leadership is: They hold themselves accountable and get stuff done with minimal ‘chasing’. They are clear on their role and ‘stay in their lane’. They care about your clients, about the business and about each other. They are always looking for ways to improve how things are being done and freely share their ideas. They are willing to…

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The rise of the intrapreneur (part 2)

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This is part two of an article I shared last week re: the rise of the intrapreneur. (You can read the first article here if you missed it.) There are 3 shifts to be made as we come together in this new way of working. But first I want to clarify one thing. Intrapreneur is a MINDSET – not a role. There are many different roles that an intrapreneur can play in a business. They might be tech focused or marketing focused. They might be coming in to manage projects or make sales. One of the key distinctions of an intrapreneur is that they OWN their expertise, and are clear…

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The rise of the intrapreneur

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I was talking with a friend recently about a role she was struggling to fill on her team. “I’ve tried a few people already in this role and it hasn’t worked. You know who I really want? Someone who is tired of running their own business and wants to work with someone else… I feel like they would get it and have the drive I’m looking for.” On the other side of the coin, I have another friend who has owned and run successful businesses for over 20 years and decided to temporarily shut down her business a couple of years ago to take a sabbatical. In her words “I…

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Ego metrics

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I was listening to Ali Brown’s most recent podcast and she was talking about the idea of ‘ego metrics’ and how easy it is to go off track measuring the wrong things in our business. Ego metrics are those things that make us look good to the outside world, but don’t necessarily reflect the success and health of our businesses. Things like: Revenue numbers – I don’t care how much money you make, how much do you keep? Are you paying yourself consistently? Are you behind on your taxes? That 5-6-7 figure launch could quickly lose it’s shine when you realize how much of that money could be going right…

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How to stop micromanaging

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“Tina, I know I’m micromanaging my team but I just can’t seem to stop – I’m driving both them and myself nutty. Help!” There are two main reasons why we micro-manage: 1) We don’t TRUST that the work will be done right and on time Your business is your baby – and if you don’t yet have trust in the people you’ve hired to take care of your baby, it’s pretty hard to let go! What creates trust in a team? Knowing that the work is done right – this is about being clear in your REQUESTS and having solid SYSTEMS in place.  Are you being as clear as possible…

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