What’s the difference between certification and licensing?

[Creating a Certification Series – Part 3]

Licensing is about the WHAT.

Certification is about the WHO.

Licensing is about saying ‘here’s my stuff, here’s what you can use and what you can/can’t do with it’.

Certification is about the person you are certifying – where you are training them in your proven process and then allowing them to leverage your brand/reputation in their own business. Where you are setting out requirements for them to earn their certification status. Where you are giving them tools and resources so they can create success following the path you’ve already laid out.

A license can stand alone and usually becomes ‘absorbed’ into the person’s existing program/business.  For example, I might license someone to teach my Hire Up hiring process in their own coaching program. They pay me to use my IP but they aren’t branded as a Hire Up professional.

A certification always INCLUDES a license within it – specifically laying out what they can and can’t do with the stuff they are learning. For example, when we train a Certified OBM® the license they are receiving (as outlined in their agreement) is that they can use what they are learning when working with their 1-1 clients, but that they can’t teach/share the material in groups or create other programs from it.

Either option can be amazing (and successful) depending on the goals of your business and how you want this to fit into the big picture. 💪

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3 signs that it may be time to create a certification program

[Creating a Certification Series – Part 2]

One of the biggest questions I get about creating a certification is WHEN? “Is this something I should do now or later?”

There is a ‘season’ of the business journey that I find especially ripe for creating a certification, and it will often include one (or all) of the following signs:

Sign #1 – People keep asking you “how did you do X? I want to do the same…”

They see your success. They see what you are doing. And they would like to create the same for themselves.

Sign #2 – People are using your stuff with their clients.

Yes, there is a lot of ick around this and we want to be purposeful to protect our IP so that people aren’t copying our stuff. I am all for that…

AND there could be a kernel of opportunity here… when your stuff is really good and it works, what if you could certify or license people to legitimately use it? And make money when they do?

Sign #3 – You are (secretly) tired of doing what you are doing

You created something amazing. And you’ve build a successful business around it.

But that doesn’t mean you want to keep doing it forever…

When I got tired of being an OBM for clients – I created the Certified OBM ® Training back in 2009.

When I got tired of leading that training – I licensed my Certified OBM Trainers to teach the program in 2017.

Sometimes our boredom can point the way towards some pretty cool things.

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Why are certification/licensing programs so hot right now?

[Creating a Certification Series]

Why are certification/licensing programs so hot right now? Two reasons… 🔥🔥

#1 – They are an awesome way for YOU – the business owner – to leverage your IP into a long-term, recurring revenue stream. One that requires LESS of your time and energy to deliver (especially once the program is up and running) and continues to make you money year after year… 🙌

It’s an ideal model when you’ve created an powerful process/methodology that you know works – that you’ve been using in your own business for years to create results for your clients.

#2 – A certification is a quick & simple way for your (potential) clients to start and/or grow their business!

It’s the difference between someone creating their thing from scratch – trying to figure out their own process/method through trial & error (which can take months or even years!)

Vs. them taking what YOU have already created, plugging it into their business and fast tracking to success because they are using something that works. 💪

It’s a true win-win model – huge value for both sides!

When I created my Certified OBM® training years ago I was able to give my students everything I had learned already to be a successful OBM. All the knowledge, tools and processes they needed… so instead of them having to figure it all out they had the path laid out for them.

It’s been the backbone of my business for over 10 years now, providing a healthy income for me month after month with only a few hours of my time required… and launching the businesses of thousands of Certified OBMs who are out there rocking it. <– Doesn’t get any better than that! 💜

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