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3 signs that it may be time to create a certification program

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One of the biggest questions I get about creating a certification is WHEN? “Is this something I should do now or later?” There is a ‘season’ of the business journey that I find especially ripe for creating a certification, and it will often include one (or all) of the following signs: Sign #1 – People keep asking you “how did you do X? I want to do the same…” They see your success. They see what you are doing. And they would like to create the same for themselves. Sign #2 – People are using your stuff with their clients. Yes, there is a lot of ick around this and…

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A two sentence business plan

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Say YES to everything until your business is full, then… Say NO to almost everything to create the business you really want. In the early stages of business it’s important to say yes to most everything that comes your way for a few reasons: Money – the faster you can start making money the better Clarity – you won’t know what you do (and don’t!) like until you work with various clients… who are your best clients? what are your best services/products to offer? what are you best at? what isn’t a strength? Growth – getting good at sales & marketing is essential in this early stage! Learning how to…

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Divorce & Money

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My divorce in 2013 brought up ALLLL kinds of money fears for me (can I do this on my own? will I have to sell my house? what if my business goes down and I have to get a job?) I had a moment this week looking at my money spreadsheet and was surprised by what I found…

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The rule of 3

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It takes at least 3 times of ‘doing’ something before you get it right. Before you figure it out. Before the pieces come together. You need to work with at least 3 clients before you get clear on who your ideal client is (and isn’t!) Before you understand what you love to do most. You need to deliver that new package at least 3 times before you land on what exactly to include and what to charge for it. To find the stuff that’s missing, the things that take longer than you thought they would. You need to do that training program at least 3 times before you land on…

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too busy

4 questions to ask yourself when you are too busy

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“Help me Tina! I’m too busy and something needs to change…” I get it. Being too busy isn’t sustainable and doesn’t serve you or your clients. The good news? It’s fixable, so grab your to-do list and ask yourself the following questions. Question 1: Does this really need to be done? (If yes, now or later?) We often have things on our to-do lists that either: don’t need to be done at all – they are ideas, maybes or “wouldn’t it be nice ifs”. They are things we are thinking about, but that we haven’t actually made a firm decision on yet. Ideas are not to-dos – create a separate…

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When you aren’t getting the results you want

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“The best way to know what you are thinking is to look at your results” – Brooke Castillo Pause for a moment on that. If our thinking creates our results – then what are your results telling you about your thoughts?  If you think that you can’t find enough clients, then you won’t find enough clients. If you think that no one will pay your higher rates, then you will struggle to get to a yes with your higher rates. If you want to hire but secretly think that no one can do it as well as you, then you won’t find anyone who can do it as well as you….

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