My most recent marketing experiment

My goal for this year was to get my marketing mojo back. 2021 was a rough year that took the wind out of my sails, and I had been cocooning myself a bit... including in my marketing! Frankly, I wasn't doing much marketing at all. Outside of sending this newsletter...

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Saying no even when they want to hire you

I upset a woman I spoke with a while back who reached out to inquire about my Certification Accelerator... I told her she wasn’t ready to create a certification. She had just started her business and a previous coach told her that she should start a certification...

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Getting yourself out of delivery

So here's the thing - if you want to get yourself out of delivery you need to have a framework. A clearly laid out path for how you create results for your clients. Your own methodology. Your process. Your "way to make it all happen." Without a framework one of two...

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Planning for the end

Not to be morose about it... but your business will come to an end at some point. Or at the least, your role in your business will come to an end at some point. This is inevitable but it's not something we talk about often... and I think we are doing ourselves - and...

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Change your Role, Not your Offer

When you are tired of doing what you are doing - change your role, not your offer. I see so many folks reach the space where they are ready to do something new - so they start looking to create a brand new offer. Now it's not to say that creating something new is...

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Done for You is NOT dead!

Can we please stop poo-pooing on offering done for you (DFY) 1-1 services? I’ve seen a few too many posts and ads lately talking about how DFY and working 1-1 with clients is such a terrible thing. About being at the mercy of your clients, getting paid so little and...

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My neighbor’s rose bush (business lessons from nature)

My neighbor has a couple of rose bushes in the front of their house. They planted them a few years back and I’ve watched them grow bigger and bigger each year. The second year I noticed them trim the branches and prune the rose bushes down to almost nothing and I was...

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Should I go the Agency route or Certification?

When you have a big vision and want to impact as many people as possible with your work it is important to consider your business model. When I was ready to scale years ago I had two options I was considering - the agency model or a certification. Now there are many...

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It’s hard to grow a business when you are bored

There was a common thread in the conversations I've been having this week: "I'm no longer jazzed about what I'm doing" "I really want to feel excited about my business again" "It's just so hard to get motivated these days because frankly I'm bored" These conversations...

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