This was a bit of a surprise when it happened to me.

I hit a point in my business a few years back - in 2019 to be specific - where I was no longer needed in the day to day running of my business anymore. I had partnered with our licensed Certified OBM Trainers, who took over the sales & delivery of the Certified...

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When folks start using your stuff without permission

Might sound funny to say - but folks taking and using your "stuff" may be a sign that it's time to start a certification or licensing program. I had this conversation with someone last week who shared that some of her past clients had started using her materials with...

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A contrary view on business growth

"You mean I don't have to keep growing my business?"  I just got off a call with an amazing business owner who reached out to me looking for support around what's next in her business. This is someone whose business is in the mid 6-figure range, she takes home half of...

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It’s OK to be a personal brand

I posted something recently on Facebook looking for referrals for a good branding person. Someone who specializes in personal branding for online professionals. I received a comment on that post that said: "I don't believe in personal branding - if you make your brand...

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When you don’t want to mess up what you’ve already created

You've worked hard to get to where you are. And even though there is a part of you that is calling you towards what is next - to your true work - you also don't want to mess up what you've already created! I get it - there are some very real considerations here. You...

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When it’s hard to explain the ‘how’

"But Tina, I have a hard time explaining HOW I am able to do the things I do. So I don’t feel like I can charge for it... " This came up in a call last week with a client, as we were talking about her transition into the next level of her work. One of the things...

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Impostor Syndrome

[Part 1 in the What Gets in The Way of Our True Work series] "Who am I to do this?" "I really don’t know enough yet" "What are people going to think?" "What if I don’t measure up?" This is just a handful of the things that we may tell ourselves when we are looking to...

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It’s OK to offer more than one thing (breaking the rules)

Conventional business wisdom tells us to pick one thing and focus on doing just that. To go deep with that one thing and master it. I get it - there is a lot of value in this model and many successful businesses have been built on this wisdom. And like any "good"...

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Lessons from a surprisingly hard puzzle

This is my first time tackling a 2000 piece puzzle - and it’s intimidating! I’ve been on a puzzle kick lately - it’s my morning meditation and end of day unwind time. 1000 piece puzzles have been my jam and I’ve found a great groove doing them. I can get a 1000 piece...

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