The Triple Ds of Implementation

There are 3 Ds required for implementation: Decisions Driving Doing When it comes to getting stuff done we focus on the last D - doing. But it's the first 2 Ds that are often missed and can cause problems. Who is making the Decisions around what needs to be done?...

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An unexpected identity crisis

2010 was the year that I hired my first OBM Tiffany. I had VA support already for a few years at that point, but this was my first time hiring management-level support. Now Tiffany jumped right into the role with both feet and rocked it. She took over managing the...

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Some of my clients don’t like hearing this (at first)

I do a lot of work with CEOs around their teams. They come to me when they've tried hiring multiple times and can't seem to find the right person. When the people on their team keep 'bugging' them (asking questions, waiting to be told what to do next) When folks keep...

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Things that have changed since my moms passing

I've had a couple of milestone moments since the beginning of the year. The first was my moms passing on January 6th. She had been diagnosed with cancer last year so it was not an unexpected death, but it was certainly sudden in that we hoped to have at least a few...

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People are still buying (just not the same way)

Most everyone I've been talking with lately has seen this trend occurring - especially in our online marketplace. What used to work for sales is not working the same way as it was a year ago... or even a few months ago. Put simply, buying habits are changing for a lot...

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We need you – just as you are

Don't let anyone try to tell you that your calling is too small. That it should be some grandiose, "I want to be the next Oprah" kind of calling. That you should want to build an empire and make millions. That you should become "more like this person" and less like...

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Figuring it out yourself vs. getting help

I was the kid who never raised her hand in school. Even when I had questions. Even when I was stuck on something. There was some part of me that felt like I had to just figure it out on my own. Or that maybe asking questions would make me look stupid or something? I'm...

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“You mean I don’t have to keep growing my business?”

I recently had a call with an amazing business owner who reached out to me looking for support around what's next in her business. This is someone whose business is in the mid 6-figure range, she takes home half of that personally as her CEO pay and is working only...

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How Scalable is your Business?

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