ostrich or control freak?

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When it comes to dealing with the stress of running a business, as entrepreneurs we will default into operating from one of 2 categories – Ostrich or Control Freak. If you are an Ostrich, you default into avoidance mode. When challenges arise you put your head in the sand and cross your fingers, hoping that someone else will swoop in and save the day. Ostriches generally don’t like, or understand, the “behind the scenes” stuff in business. In fact, you may hate it. So you tend to rely too much on other people for the answers and to do the work that needs to be done. You will hire and…

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my 3 favorite things to do in the summer

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Ahhhh yes… summer. This is the last week of school for my girls so our summer ‘season’ officially starts this Friday. There are 3 things I like to focus on during this time of year as I juggle family time and down time with the ongoing needs of the business. 1) Catch Up – this is a great time to year to catch up on all the little (and sometimes big!) things that have been hanging out on our to-do lists. I like to start with the oldest stuff on my list and work my way backwards…. I either get it done, or let it go. My goal is to start…

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The test & the hangover

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Mmmmm – that moment when you land on the vision for the next level of your business. The clarity of knowing exactly what you want offer next, what to charge and who your ideal clients are…it’s SO exciting to be able to see and feel it right? And yet, having done this work with clients now for years, there are TWO things that show up shortly after this moment that can stop you in your tracks if you aren’t careful…

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7 signs that you are a strong leader

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If you’ve ever wondered how strong your leadership is – look to your team. They are a reflection of how effective we are as leaders, and can also show us where we need to step it up! Here are 7 things to look for in your team to see where/how strong your leadership is: They hold themselves accountable and get stuff done with minimal ‘chasing’. They are clear on their role and ‘stay in their lane’. They care about your clients, about the business and about each other. They are always looking for ways to improve how things are being done and freely share their ideas. They are willing to…

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it takes time

It takes time

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Let’s be clear… it takes time. Despite what you see online when someone is sharing how they ‘made 3 gazillion dollars in 30 days’. Despite what you expect of yourself when you look in the mirror and wonder why things aren’t moving as fast as you thought they would (and then wonder what is wrong with you or what you are missing…. ugh) Despite what that coach/trainer/consultant may have promised would happen when you followed just ‘7 steps to making moola in your sleep’ Despite what you might think – or hope – success takes time. Probably more time than you wish it would. A flower doesn’t spring up the…

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