Have you created a culture of accountability in your business? Or are you just assuming (hoping) people will 'get stuff done'? Every leader wants to have a team of folks who are accountable. Who take responsibility and get their stuff done correctly and on time. (This...

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Encouraging your team to make mistakes

"Say what? Why the heck would I want to encourage my team to make mistakes?" As I've been prepping for a new team leadership course that I'm working on (details coming soon) one of the things I've come to see is this: There are a lot of businesses out there that have...

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Boundaries have been a biggie for me the past couple of months. I've had to stand my ground on a few things. Have some really tough discussions. Hold people accountable to their agreements. Keeping it real... it's been tough. And empowering at the same time. The...

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Hard Decisions Made Easy

I had a GREAT conversation on The Process to Profit show w/Brittany Dixon. As entrepreneurs, there are 1,000’s of decisions we make everyday that determine the short-term and long-term success of our business. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in how others think we...

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Making your team a profit center

There are 3 ways that your team can impact the bottom line in your business: They can BRING in money They can SAVE you money They can help you KEEP money It's this last one that I want to talk about today, as it often gets overlooked. When we think about our team...

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Don’t ask for free work during the hiring process

I’ve had a number of folks share with me recently that they are being asked to do free work or "submit projects" when applying for posted opportunities. I define free work as something done specifically for that business that takes a measurable amount of time (1-2...

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5 characteristics of a top performer

We all want to hire (and be!) a top performer... but what makes someone a top performer? In today's video I share with you 5 characteristic of a top performer. What characteristics would you add to this list? Share a comment below 👍

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What’s the difference between certification and licensing?

[Creating a Certification Series - Part 3] Licensing is about the WHAT. Certification is about the WHO. Licensing is about saying 'here's my stuff, here's what you can use and what you can/can't do with it'. Certification is about the person you are certifying - where...

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How Scalable is your Business?

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