Making money from your zone of genius

Once you've landed on what your zone of genius work is, the next step is to decide how 'translate' it into your business offerings. What is the best business model for you to leverage your zone of genius and make a great income? One of the biggest mistakes that folks...

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Feeling trapped in your zone of excellence?

One of my favorite concepts comes from the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. In the book he talks about how our activities in the world show up in four main 'zones': Zone of Incompetence. Zone of Competence. Zone of Excellence. Zone of Genius. The first two zones...

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When is enough enough?

I'm about to head into day 2 of our annual OBM Live conference - exclusive to members of our Certified OBM community. Our theme this year is the inner game - and how if we don't take care of our inner game then we will struggle to see results in our outer game. We are...

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Strategy or Mindset – what matters more?

We need both strategy & mindset to be successful in business: Strategy is the outer game of success - what is the best way to accomplish our business goals? How are we going to get from A to B to C? It's the tactical, practical side of things. Mindset is the inner...

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Misconceptions about freedom in business

There are two competing views about freedom. On one end is the soloprenuer - the person who does all the work themselves. If they don't show up work doesn't get done. On the other end is the owner who has structured a business that runs and grows without them. They...

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Being overly independent (a lesson from my divorce)

It's been 8 years since my divorce. I remember that one of my biggest fears during that time was: "Can I make it on my own as a business owner?" I started my business in 1999 and got married in 2001. While I was married my business contributed to our household income...

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Choose your challenge

Part of the decision when considering what to offer is: "What kind of challenge do I want to build into my business?" Do you prefer a CAPACITY challenge or a MARKETING challenge? When we are a service provider - OBM, VA, agency, etc - we inherently have more of a...

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Fear in disguise (Part 3)

We've talked about how fear is normal - expected! - on the path to creating more of what we want in life. And we've also talked about strategies to start befriending your fear. Now I want to dive into the sneakiest aspect of fear, and why it is so easy for fear to...

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Befriending your fear (part 2)

In my last article we talked about how fear isn't something to fear (haha). Rather, its a normal part of the growth process and is often a strong indicator that we are on the right track. When we befriend our fear - instead of resist it - then our fear can actually...

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