Stop Trying & Start Experimenting

Originally published April 2013

I was at Andrea Lee’s Midas Camp recently and was reminded of something that I had forgotten:

“Business is an experiment.”

As soon as Andrea said that I felt a visceral weight lift off my shoulders, because I had been doing the exact opposite – trying SO darn hard vs. taking an experimental approach.

So what’s the difference? There are a few keys things:

  1. Trying is really hard work – it usually comes from a place of needing to prove something to yourself and/or those around you and that is very tiring! Experimenting comes from a place of service and is much lighter and enjoyable. Even the word gives me a sigh of relief.
  2. Trying is emotionally based – when we are trying to prove something it bring emotions into play, and if something doesn’t work out as planned we can easily end up feeling really sad, upset, defeated and ready to give up. When we are experimenting we “know” that it may not work out, and can release and emotions around it and get back to the drawing board.
  3. Experimenting leaves room for growth – when we come from this scientific mindset of “I wonder” vs. “I must!” I believe it opens up many more opportunities and options that we would otherwise be able to see. Experimenting opens doors where trying tends to close them.

I came to realize how much I used to experiment in my business and how much i’ve been missing that lately due to my own expectations. Heck, the entire world of being an Online Business Manager didn’t even exist when I wrote that book almost 5 years ago. That whole world was one grand experiment and I loved it every step of the way.

I’m getting back to a place of experimenting and having more fun. How about you?

That ONE pesky thing – let’s get rid of it shall we?

Originally posted on December 12th, 2013.

December can be a weird month for many of us – we are gearing down a bit to end the year and head into the holiday season, which means we might be feeling like we aren’t accomplishing much for the month. Here’s a quick exercise to end the year on an accomplishment high.

3 Things You Should Never Delegate

Originally posted on October 17th, 2013.

3 Things You Should Never Delegate

As entrepreneurs we know we need to delegate right? Otherwise we run the risk of trying to do it all, working 24/7, doing stuff we hate to do and driving ourselves (and potentially the people around us) nutty in the process.

I’m a fan of getting as much as possible off your plate, but there are 3 things that you should NOT delegate if you want to ensure your business success.

1) Driving your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Note that I said “driving” and not “doing.” This isn’t to say that you can’t get help with your sales & marketing efforts, however you need to be VERY plugged into your strategy. What is working?

What isn’t working? What do you want to try more of? Less of? As the leader of your company it is essential that you play an integral part in making these key decisions until you have a proven process that you know is repeatable and effective.

You would be delegating the success of your business if you try to do this too soon, and that is simply dangerous.

2) Connection to your People

I had a moment a few years back in my business where I was feeling out of sorts. I had grown to the point where a lot of the direct contact with clients, team and otherwise was being done by other people… and I was feeling it. I was losing touch with what my clients wanted and needed from us, and was also feeling disconnected from the people on my team who were rocking the biz. I decided to get “back in the conversation” and now make a point of having direct contact with all the people in my business on a regular basis.

3) Managing the Money

I remember hearing Oprah share years ago on her TV show that she was still the one to sign all the checks in her business. I don’t know how true that is for her today, but it demonstrates the importance of being the one in charge of the money. You need to be crystal clear on what money is coming in, what is going out and when. We’ve all heard the stories of people who have gone out of business due to money woes, and it’s not to say that can always be avoided but I am a believer that when we are aware of our money – even when it doesn’t look good – then we can do something to fix it.


Fix or Fire?

Originally posted on August 15th, 2014.

How do you know when to fix something vs. fire the person? Problems will always arise from time to time in our working relationships, the key is to make sure that you don’t let them drag on too long. There is a strategy that I like to use when it comes to knowing if something is fixable or if it’s time to let someone go…

Is your business in reactive or proactive mode?

Originally posted December 2012

One way will suck the life out of you and the other will give you freedom + money (woo hoo!)

Would love to hear your thoughts – be sure to post them here, k?

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