Why are certification/licensing programs so hot right now?

[Creating a Certification Series]

Why are certification/licensing programs so hot right now? Two reasons… 🔥🔥

#1 – They are an awesome way for YOU – the business owner – to leverage your IP into a long-term, recurring revenue stream. One that requires LESS of your time and energy to deliver (especially once the program is up and running) and continues to make you money year after year… 🙌

It’s an ideal model when you’ve created an powerful process/methodology that you know works – that you’ve been using in your own business for years to create results for your clients.

#2 – A certification is a quick & simple way for your (potential) clients to start and/or grow their business!

It’s the difference between someone creating their thing from scratch – trying to figure out their own process/method through trial & error (which can take months or even years!)

Vs. them taking what YOU have already created, plugging it into their business and fast tracking to success because they are using something that works. 💪

It’s a true win-win model – huge value for both sides!

When I created my Certified OBM® training years ago I was able to give my students everything I had learned already to be a successful OBM. All the knowledge, tools and processes they needed… so instead of them having to figure it all out they had the path laid out for them.

It’s been the backbone of my business for over 10 years now, providing a healthy income for me month after month with only a few hours of my time required… and launching the businesses of thousands of Certified OBMs who are out there rocking it. <– Doesn’t get any better than that! 💜

Interested in creating a certification? My Certification Accelerator will take your program from concept to first sale in 6 weeks – learn more here. 


Ups & Downs

You’ve started working with a new client and it hasn’t been as ‘smooth’ as you would like… and you are wondering if maybe it won’t work out?

You’ve hired a new team member and things haven’t been moving as quickly as you hoped… and you are wondering if maybe they are the wrong fit?

It is natural to have ‘ups and downs’ in the first 90 days of working together! AND there is a mistake I see many people make here that could be getting in the way of your growth… which I share in todays NEW video (along with my #1 tip to navigate the ups and downs.)

2021 Trends for Online Service Providers

As we look back to 2020 – and ‘ease’ into 2021 – what can we expect as service providers? What are the opportunities for us out there today and how can we make the most of them?

To say 2020 was a doozy of a year is to put it mildly, and yet it was a year that opened up all kinds of doors for online service providers… put simply, the world came online last year and you are needed more now than ever. So whether you are a virtual assistant, online business manager, copywriter, funnel builder, web designer or otherwise… if you provide ‘done for you’ services of any kind now is your time.

Is it you or is it them? (team issues)

I do a lot of work with people around their teams – and what I’ve come to see is that it’s a 50/50 split when something isn’t working.

  • 50% of the time it’s a “wrong person was hired for the role” issue.
  • And the other 50% of the time it’s a leadership issue – not leading them effectively so that they can do their best work.

It’s easy to default to assuming the first part is the problem – it’s them. Although this can be true, I recommend checking first to see if it might be a leadership issue vs. saying “this person isn’t a fit” and looking to hire again… which can be costly in terms of time, energy and money!

This requires that we come from a place of curiosity – and sometimes vulnerability – to ask ourselves:

Is it possible to take a different approach to leadership that might bring out the best in this person? That might make it work?
Was I clear in my expectations of the role and the results that I’m looking for?
Did I get agreement from them to ensure we are on the same page?
Do they have access to all of the tools, information and resources they need to get the work done?
Is there anything I’m doing that might be (inadvertently) getting in the way?

These can be tough questions to ask ourselves, as it forces us to take a look in the mirror and see where we need to improve in our leadership. Where we aren’t as effective as we could be.

And yet… the beauty of leadership is that it’s often the little things that can make a big difference! Slight tweaks in the way we engage with our team members can – at times – change everything.