The 30-HOUR WORKWEEK™ Training Program

I’m on a mission.

To make working only 30 hours per week the NORM for business owners, and not the exception.

And I need your help to make it happen.

See here’s the thing…

People are working WAY too hard for their success.

And they are paying the price for it.

They are working 50, 60 even 80+ hours a week trying to get it all done, including evenings, weekends and taking work with them on their vacations! (If they take one at all)

And they still can’t get everything done. Balls are being dropped, stuff is falling behind and clients are starting to notice.

They are stressed out and physically exhausted, often losing sleep due to the constant worry of trying to juggle it all. And maybe even dangerously close to burnout.

Their relationships are suffering, as they often miss out on valuable time with their children, spouses and other loved ones who are feeling neglected in the shadow of the business.

They are no longer excited about the business they once loved – the business they’ve poured their heart and soul into – and may even be seriously considering shutting it down.

As for growing the business – well forget it! There is simply no way to scale and take their business to the next level doing what they’ve always been doing.

Perhaps you’ve seen this happen? Perhaps it’s happened to you?

At a certain point it just doesn’t make sense anymore to sacrifice ‘too much’ for our businesses. To pay a price that can be – at times – too high. A price that doesn’t always have a payoff.

What if there is a better way to do it?

What if it is possible to not only run – but GROW – a business working just 30-hours a week?

What do our lives look like when this is true? What can we create? Who do we become?

THIS is why I created the 30-HOUR WORKWEEK program, and why I’m extending a loving invitation for those who want to join me in the crusade.

My mission is simple:

To make working only 30 hours per week the NORM for business owners, and not the exception.

To help every committed, focused business owner find a way to work sane hours – no more than 30 hours a week – and still be able to grow their business. To scale without having to sacrifice their own time & sanity.

The History of this program… where it all began

It all started with the release of my book The Entrepreneur’s Trap back in 2012. I wrote this book to help entrepreneurs stop working too much, take back their time and enjoy life.

The book hit a nerve for business owners who were feeling trapped in their business. Those who were working too hard and paying the price. This lead to the creation of various training, coaching and mastermind programs all specifically designed to help clients go from ‘crazy to sane’ in their business.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of clients in the past 6 years and have laid it all out in a simple to follow 90-Day process designed to take people from ‘working too much and driving themselves nutty’ to working a sane and sustainable 30-hour workweek.

Why 30-Hours?

Why not 20 hours? 37 hours? 4 hours?

Working 30-hours a week is SUSTAINABLE – it’s the sweet spot between having enough time to get everything done without tipping over into the ‘working too much’ zone.

Working 30-hours a week proves the HEALTH of your business foundation – when you structure your business so that you work only 30 hours a week it means the business no longer relies solely on YOU. That’s the sign of a solid and effective business foundation.

Working 30-hours a week means you have 138 hours left to REST and ENJOY your life each week.

It’s also about taking a stand for success beyond dollars. Success that encompasses our WHOLE LIVES and not just the number on our bank statements.

Gone are the days of ‘sacrifice it all now for the dream of success down the road’. <– Not only is that old school thinking, it’s also not accurate!

I’ve seen too many people work WAY too hard to reach their financial goals, sacrificing their health, relationships and well-being. And they often end up suffering in one of two ways:

  1. They pour so much of themselves into their business too fast – all of their time, energy and money – and it doesn’t work. They don’t reach their goals and end up tired, disillusioned and broke.
  2. Or they DO reach their financial goals only to find out that the cost was too high and they didn’t like what they had created. Success felt hollow and it wasn’t worth the stress to keep going.

It’s about choosing to bring balance and sanity back into the mix. To follow tried & true business principles that might make success seem slower, but that bring solid and sustainable results.

THIS is the heart of the 30-HOUR WORKWEEK – a way to measure our success beyond dollars. To build a business that suits our life and doesn’t just ask for constant sacrifice. To feel supported and honored by our businesses and not have to carry the weight of our success alone.

What’s Included in the Program

The 30-HOUR WORKWEEK™ Program is a 90-day journey, broken out into 12 weekly sessions.

Each session is specially designed to lay the foundation for the next session, and to build out a business that will allow for less work, more freedom and room to grow.


This session is an opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button and get clear on what you really want and what success looks like for YOU in the 3 key areas of business motivation. And to create a weekly schedule that allows you to live the life you want alongside the business you create. The clarity you create in this first session becomes the touchstone for measuring your progress and ROI as you shift into the next phase of your business.


Knowing yourself is essential if you want to build a business that leverages your strengths.  This class is about digging deeper into your personal strengths – who you are and who you AREN’T – so that you build a business that fits comfortably as you continue to grow.


The right business model is one that fits both your VISION and your STRENGTHS. There are 7 leveraged business models that we are going to explore in this session along with the criteria to ensure you choose your best fit.


Working less does NOT have to mean making less money! In this class we are going to play the ‘Money Game’ to find your pricing sweet spot for your offers so you can make MORE money while purposing working less.

Class 5 – 3 x 3 PLANNING

Flying by the seat of our pants is one of the main reasons we end up working too much – always falling behind, trying to catch up. Exhausting! In this session we are going to walk through my ridiculously simple 3 x 3 Planning process so that you (and your team) can wake up each morning knowing exactly what they need to do.


It may seem bass ackwards, but everytime you take your business to the next level it means LETTING GO of more. This shift from ‘doer to leader’ is necessary for anyone who wants to scale without having to work more. In this session we are going to define your new role and specifically which activities should be on your plate and what needs to come off your plate asap.


The best teams are created when we leverage our strengths in working towards a common goal. When we are clear on what exactly we need from our team players, who we need to hire next and how to find the right people whose strengths fit with ours.


It’s one thing to hire the right people – it’s another thing to lead them. In this session we are going to talk about the 5 keys to leading a self-managing, empowered team of people who show up, get things done and bring the best of who they are to the table every day.


If we spend too much time doing the ‘wrong’ things, not only will we be exhausted but we will never be able to bring our vision to life.  In this session we are going to talk about centralizing, automating and building a foundation of productivity habits that keep us focused and aligned.

Class 10 – Top 10 BUSINESS SYSTEMS – Part 1

The goal of systems is simple – to setup a business that can run without you. To layout processes to ensure that ‘stuff gets done right’. Systems will make or break a growing business, and there are 10 systems that EVERY business needs to purposely implement.

Class 11 – Top 10 BUSINESS SYSTEMS – Part 2

Continuing one from the previous session to complete the Top 10 Business Systems.


What exactly do you need to track in order to ensure that you are making progress. That what you are doing is working (or not!) In this session we are going to cover daily, weekly and monthly measures of success to track your ROI (return on investment) and make sure that everything you are doing is worth it.

So let’s get started shall we?

We want to ensure that this program is the best fit for you and the growth of your business! As a first step in the process we ask you to answer a few quick questions about you and your business. After your application has been submitted you will be prompted to book a call with a member of my team who will review your application and share details about the program, including our various pricing options.

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