The most important asset in my business (and it doesn’t cost a dime)

Mar 8, 2024

I went to a mastermind meeting in San Francisco last week – it was my first time traveling for business since 2019!

As I was on my way to the airport for an early morning flight, I got to thinking about how I used to travel quite a bit. I was travelling to events at least 6x a year for many years. Masterminds. Conferences. Workshops. Attending other people’s events. Running my own.

And I was thinking about all the people I’ve met over the years at these events. The discussions we’ve had. The fun we’ve had together. People who are smart cookies and do amazing work in the world.

There are people I met 15 years ago when I joined my very first coaching program that I’m still close to today. I had a conversation with three of them this week! (Amazing to think that we’ve known each other that long.)

There are people I haven’t talked to in years, but because we’ve met in person and got to know each other… I know I can reach out at any time and spark up a conversation. (Truth be told I need to do this more often.)

While on my way to San Francisco I was thinking about all the people I’ve met over the years and honoring the fact that:

Relationships are the most important asset of my business.

I daresay they are more important now than ever for all of us. Especially in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Especially in a world where trust is at an all time low and it’s getting harder to know if we are talking with a “real person” or a bot. AI is going to make this even more challenging in the future.

And best of all – relationships don’t cost a dime.

Yes, there is a cost to attending events, travel and such. But those aren’t the only ways to build relationships (although face-to-face can certainly fast track the depth of the relationship.)

There are plenty of people I’ve gotten to know online over the years that I’ve never met in person. And when we do end up ‘meeting for the first time’ on a zoom call or such, it feels like we already know each other. Love when that happens!

Relationships are a decision. It’s a decision to reach out to people. It’s a decision to show up in the conversation (be it online or offline.) It’s a decision to stay in touch with the people you know already and nurture the relationship.

I’m not one to predict the future by any means, but I do believe our relationships are going to be what makes or breaks us down the road. It’s the main thing that I’m working to build and cultivate in my business now and in the foreseeable future.

To be clear – I’m not talking about transactional relationships. “what can we do for each other” or “what can you do for me.” By all means you may support and promote each others businesses through relationship – but that alone usually isn’t enough for a deeper connection. And if that’s all someone is looking for from me it’s an immediate turnoff.

My most important relationships support who I am as a person and a leader. Folks I can turn to for support when the going gets tough. Folks that have my back and know that I have theirs in return. We can message or call each other anytime. <– My most important asset indeed.

What are you doing right now to build relationships?

What are you doing to nurture existing relationships?

Consider this a loving nudge to reach out to that person that you would love to know better. To attend that event that’s been calling to you. To circle back to someone you haven’t connected with in a while to catch up.

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  1. Leesa Klich

    Tina, this is so, so true. The pandemic really put a damper on our ability to create and nurture relationships IRL. It’s been so great to pick that up again professionally (and personally). There’s no substitute for having a conversation with clients, colleagues, people who share your vision, and even those who have a different vision. Thank you for this!


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