The Triple Ds of Implementation

Apr 7, 2023

There are 3 Ds required for implementation:


When it comes to getting stuff done we focus on the last D – doing. But it’s the first 2 Ds that are often missed and can cause problems.

Who is making the Decisions around what needs to be done? When? How and by Whom?

And who is Driving the process to make sure things are getting done? Managing the team? Making sure folks have what they need to do their best work?

Without the first 2 Ds in place the last D may not happen at all. And this can cause a huge amount of frustration.

If you are the one hiring – it’s important to consider these first 2 Ds. Are you OK to be the one deciding and driving? Or are you looking for someone who is going to take ownership of those first 2 Ds as well? If yes, your hiring process will want to ensure that the person/s you are hiring are willing and able to bring those Ds to the table. Otherwise you may end up hiring folks who are great at doing, but are relying on you to make all the decisions and drive everything to completion. <– This right here is a huge bottleneck for many small business CEOs.

If you are being hired – I invite you to consider: How can you include the first 2 Ds in what you offer?

Do you find yourself waiting for your clients to make decisions before you can move forward? To tell you what needs to be done? When and How? <– If yes, there is an opportunity here for you to bring decision making into your offer.

Do you find that your clients are always asking you for progress updates? Or you aren’t really clear on deadlines and find yourself juggling last minute requests and struggling to stay on top of it all? <– If yes, how could you bring more driving into your offers so that you are being more proactive in getting the work done (vs. feeling like you have to wait for others.)

When all 3 Ds are in place and being owned by the right person on the team, implementation runs smoothly and things are brought to life. Ooooo yea baby!


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