3 words that your ideal clients want to hear (and will get you hired every time)

Nov 4, 2022

It’s day 2 of OBM Live – this is our annual conference for our Certified OBM® community that we do every fall.

My friend Kelly O’Neil was the opening speaker yesterday morning and there was something she shared that I found SOOO powerful.

She was talking about working with affluent clients and what they really want from service providers and consultants…

They want someone to lighten their mental load.

“Lighten their mental load? What the heck does that mean?”

Affluent business owners have A LOT on their minds. They are constantly thinking about things like:

  • What needs to be done – when, how and by who
  • Delegating what needs to be done – passing the work along for others to do it is a lot of work
  • Following up on tasks – checking in with folks re: “what is the status of this?”
  • Managing their own clients – how are they doing? are they happy? is there anything more we can do there?
  • Thinking about team – who to hire next? how to handle team issues.
  • Strategy – what is working and not working in the business right now, and what do we need to do about it?
  • Planning – where are we headed next? how do we want to get there?
  • All the day to day decisions – be it big or small decisions, there is energy required to think through everything (and decision fatigue is a very real thing)

Put simply – the mental load of running a business can be exhausting! In many ways it’s more tiring than doing the work – especially for successful business owners with dynamic, growing businesses.

If you are someone who wants to work with these clients, there are 3 magic words that they most want to hear from you.

“I’ve got this”

“I’ve got this” means they can let go of thinking about ALL the various aspects of what you are doing and trust that you are going to make it happen. It means they don’t have to chase you down to get the work done. It means you are lightening their mental load.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you offer – an “I’ve got this” approach can apply to anything! Admin. Projects. Managing Ops. Marketing. Strategy. Design. Tech.

When you show up ready to OWN what you do – and see it through – this is of HUGE value to clients and will have them salivating to hire you.

(You do need to deliver on the promise as well, but of course!)

I invite you today to consider – where could you add more “I’ve got this” into your offerings?

Where are you not yet stepping up into full ownership? Relying on your clients to make decisions or drive the process of your work together? (sometimes we are doing these things and don’t even realize it.)

Oh, and if you are looking for a great speaker for your (or a client’s) event highly recommend Kelly — she’s a hoot.


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