My most recent marketing experiment

Oct 14, 2022

My goal for this year was to get my marketing mojo back. 2021 was a rough year that took the wind out of my sails, and I had been cocooning myself a bit… including in my marketing!

Frankly, I wasn’t doing much marketing at all. Outside of sending this newsletter about once a week I wasn’t doing anything else. And when I dug into what was holding me back it became clear.

I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid that people wouldn’t “like my stuff” or that they would think that what I’m doing is stupid. That they would dogpile on me and say “Tina, you suck and no one should ever work with you!” <– yes, I get that logically these fears didn’t make sense, but fear isn’t logical… it’s emotional. And hot damn it can stop us in our tracks.

The worst part of it was that holding back isn’t like me. I’ve been in business for over 20 years now and I really do love what I do! I love to talk about it and share it. I love to write. I am good on video. I love to be a bit provocative and share things that have people say “hmmm, I hadn’t really thought of it that way before.”

Because I was holding back and not showing up, I wasn’t feeling like myself. Hence the goal of getting my mojo back.

With the support of my coaches (yes, I hired multiple coaches to help me through this…) I was able to clear the gunk holding me back and create a plan to start showing up again.

I made my first ‘businessy’ post of the year on Facebook at the end of July, and I honestly felt like I was going to barf when I clicked that Post button. All those fears reared up telling me I was going to be judged and people were going to boo me off the stage.

That didn’t happen. Instead, folks commented on and liked my post. I saw the names of folks I hadn’t connected with in a long time.

So I posted again. And again. Talking about the things that matter to me. Creating your True Work. The power of the certification and licensing model. The importance of a good framework to get yourself out of delivery. And various other things that I feel inspired to share in the moment.

Some posts get a big response. Some barely get a response at all. But I am committed to posting consistently and to keep showing up.

Because I’m being consistent people are reaching out to work with me – to create their certification programs. To develop their frameworks. To give them a loving kick in the butt to do the thing that they’ve been resisting for years. It’s happening naturally and not feeling ‘pushy or salesy’.

Then my coach challenged me to start doing reels. “Aren’t I too old for that?” I replied. Ha ha. She wasn’t going to let me off that easy. 😉

So a couple of weeks ago I started posting on Instagram and TikTok – and I already have people inquiring about working together just from these reels. People I’ve never met before.

The most surprising thing about all of this is discovering that I actually LIKE marketing. Say what? I’ve said for years that marketing is my least favorite part of business… and now I’m discovering that I enjoy it. I love writing and posting. I love seeing what resonates with people (and what doesn’t). I feel like I’m actually connected with my community again after being cocooned for so long.

I got my marketing mojo back. And it feels good. 🙂

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  1. Mindi Wernick

    Thank you Tina, I am getting my marketing mojo back too! Thank you for leading by example!


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