The one sentence that will halt your growth more than anything else

Oct 7, 2022

This sentence holds business owners back more than anything else that I hear folks say:

“No one can do it as well as me”

Be honest… is this something that comes up for you? This belief can be a sneaky one because sometimes we don’t even realize it’s there!

When you are operating from this belief you are automatically putting a cap on your growth, as you won’t be able to grow beyond your own capacity to do all the work.

And if you are already super busy and tired…. well, you will stay stuck right where you are right now in the tug of war between “I want help to do all this work” and “no one can do it as well as me.”

When we dig a bit deeper the fear behind that sentence is:

“What if I bring someone on board and they mess it up? They drop the ball, make mistakes or my clients don’t like them as much as they like me?” ← This right here is what will stop you in your tracks.

  • This is what will stop you from creating an agency and hiring people to ‘do the work’
  • This is what will stop you from bringing associate coaches into your programs so that you aren’t carrying the weight of coaching on your own.
  • This is what will stop you from creating that certification or licensing program that you’ve been thinking about for a while.

The key to getting yourself out of delivery – and passing that work over to people you trust – is your framework.

Your Framework is the journey that you take your clients on when they hire you. The journey from why they are hiring you (their current challenges or desires) to the result that they are hiring you for.

A clear, simple and proven framework opens the door for you to start (or expand!) your agency, bring associate coaches on board or launch a certification training. Truthfully, it’s hard to do any of these things without a solid framework.


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