Change your Role, Not your Offer

Sep 13, 2022

When you are tired of doing what you are doing – change your role, not your offer.
I see so many folks reach the space where they are ready to do something new – so they start looking to create a brand new offer.
Now it’s not to say that creating something new is never the answer – it very well could be! But there are some considerations…
First and foremost, creating something new is a lot of work. It takes a lot more work to start something from scratch than it does to ‘tweak’ something you are doing already.
Likewise, starting something new might put a damper – or even a halt! – on what you are doing already. I’ve seen people drop a successful offer out of boredom to focus on creating something new… and then later find themselves in a bind because the new thing is taking longer to gear up or isn’t what they thought it would be.
New can be overrated. 😉
Instead, what if you look first to change your role in what you are currently offering?
For some of you this might mean hiring folks who can take on some of your current workload and free you up to focus on other things.
Or this might mean looking at your current offer and seeing where/how you might be able to tweak some things to make it more exciting and joyful again.
This is one of the drivers for the leaders who work with me on creating their certification program… they have reached a point in their business where they are tired of being the practitioner. A part of them wishes they didn’t have to ‘keep doing what they are doing’ and they dream of doing something different BUT they are also very aware that they don’t want to burn down what they have already created.
Training and certifying folks to ‘do what you do’ can be a beautiful way to shift yourself into a leadership role and bring excitement back into your business. Not to mention that it can be an awesome way to expand your vision and your income.
Here’s to finding joy and excitement in our businesses again!


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