This was a bit of a surprise when it happened to me.

Aug 23, 2022

I hit a point in my business a few years back – in 2019 to be specific – where I was no longer needed in the day to day running of my business anymore.
I had partnered with our licensed Certified OBM Trainers, who took over the sales & delivery of the Certified OBM Training program. Plus I had my operations team running the backend of the business and taking care of all the admin/tech/etc tasks.
I went from working 30 hours a week to working maybe 5 hours a week. From my calendar being full of calls to having just a handful of calls here and there. All while the business continued to bring in a solid income without me having to ‘lead the charge’ everyday.
Sounds pretty dreamy yes? This is exactly what I had worked towards for so many years!
But let me tell you. I was BORED out of my skull.
I had all the free time in the world, and didn’t know what to do with it. I tried just “enjoying the time off”, but frankly that meant just watching too much Netflix.
I found myself feeling really unmotivated and unproductive, for the simple fact that I didn’t really have anything that I needed to do! It was such an uncomfortable feeling as I’m naturally a very action-oriented “lets get ‘er done!” kind of gal. I felt like a balloon that was slowly deflating… I didn’t feel like myself.
And I was beating myself up for feeling this way “Are you kidding me Tina? People work years to reach this space, and you are just going to complain about being bored?! What the heck is wrong with you?”
Then one day it hit me. I like to work… in fact I LOVE working.
My work is my purpose – I am here to help other people change the world through their business.
And if I’m not working… well, then I’m not fulfilling my purpose!
No wonder I was feeling so bored and unmotivated.
Now this didn’t mean going back to what I was doing before – I was no longer needed there and I didn’t want to stick my nose back in and start messing things up. What it did mean was asking myself some really important questions about what was next. Honing in on my true work – the highest expression of who I am through my business.
When I got clear and got back to work, I found myself getting my mojo back. My motivation was returning. I was waking up again feeling excited about inspired by the day vs. wondering what Netflix series I should dive into next.
We don’t talk enough about what happens when we reach our business goals. When we are no longer needed in our business. When we don’t have to be working as hard as we once were.
Yes, there is something to cherish and celebrate about this achievement. But for those of us whose purpose is entwined with our work… sitting back and relaxing just isn’t going to cut it (well, maybe for a week or so but after that it’s just boring.)
I’m curious – do you feel like work is a part of your purpose? Have you ever had the experience of reaching a goal and then wondering “what’s next?”
If you are in this space right now and looking for some guidance let me know – I have 2 spots available right now to work w/leaders who are looking for their “what’s next”.


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