A contrary view on business growth

Aug 19, 2022

“You mean I don’t have to keep growing my business?” 
I just got off a call with an amazing business owner who reached out to me looking for support around what’s next in her business.
This is someone whose business is in the mid 6-figure range, she takes home half of that personally as her CEO pay and is working only 10ish hours per week.
She started the call thinking that she wanted to keep growing the business and was looking for ways to do so. It came clear through our conversation that she’d already worked with other coaches and had some great strategies around how to keep growing her business…. but she didn’t feel motivated to do any of those things. So she wasn’t taking action on them.
And my response to her was “You don’t have to keep growing your business if you don’t want to”.
<< Silence >> I could see it in her eyes that this had literally never even occurred to her before.
“You mean I don’t have to keep growing my business if I don’t want to? I thought I had to keep grow grow growing and it’s never even occurred to me before that not growing is an option!”  Her eyes lit up at this prospect.
I get it. So much of our world is about growing our business. We are supposed to hit 6-figures, then 7, then 8 and so on. And if we aren’t growing then something must be wrong.
Yes, growth can be a good thing! BUT it’s not the only thing.
When we hit a place where our clients love us, we are making money, and we aren’t working ourselves to the bone…. the default question we are told to ask ourselves is:
“How can I keep growing?”
Whereas I would challenge you instead to ask yourself:
“What is the business I really want now?”
There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep things stable and sturdy – to enjoy the space you are already in without the additional pressure to “keep growing”.
It’s your business. You get to decide what success is (and isn’t!). Even if that means not growing…


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