It’s OK to offer more than one thing (breaking the rules)

Jul 22, 2022

Conventional business wisdom tells us to pick one thing and focus on doing just that. To go deep with that one thing and master it.

I get it – there is a lot of value in this model and many successful businesses have been built on this wisdom.

And like any “good” business owner, I’ve tried to do this in my own business. Believe me, I’ve tried hard!

But it truthfully doesn’t fit me. Every time I’ve tried to keep myself focused on just one thing I’ve become stifled. Bored. Frustrated.

It’s only recently that I’ve come to accept that I’m not wired to offer just one thing. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and I do my best work when I have more than one thing on the go.

Now I want to be clear here – there are challenges to this path that we want to be aware of.

First, we need to make sure that we aren’t subconsciously sabotaging our own success by constantly jumping to try new things. There is a big difference between tending to multiple plants in our garden at a time – which we can do as multi-passionate entrepreneurs – vs planting seeds and then abandoning them to focus on a more exciting seed, or when tending that seed becomes too hard. We still need to stay committed to the various things we are doing and not just jump from idea to idea as they arise.

Likewise we also want to make sure that we aren’t spreading ourselves too thin in the process. Juggling multiple things is part of what we love as multi-passionate entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean we can do ALL the things. In fact, the right support is even more important when we are multi-passionate so that we are able to spend our time doing what we love most in each of our projects.

We also want to consider the best structure for your multi-passionate business. You might be the type of person to have many individual businesses, each with it’s own specific offer/products for different markets. Or you might be like me, where I love to offer many different things to the same market. Either option requires you to be strategic and purposeful in your structure and marketing, so you don’t end up feeling pulled in too many different directions.

I’m curious if you consider yourself a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

If yes, is it something that you’ve embraced in your current business structure or is it something that you’ve tried to avoid? (Like I did for so many years, trying to fit myself into the box of doing just one thing.)

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to do things differently than what conventional business wisdom tells us to do… to take a different path than what others around us are doing or advising us to do. If you’ve been waiting for permission to embrace a multi-passionate journey, consider it given! I’m right here on the path with you.

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