5 Signs That It’s Time to Make a Change

Jul 18, 2022

Your True Work is the highest expression of who you are through your business. Your gifts. Your values. Your passion and purpose.

It’s the work you are meant to do in this world. The work that lights up your soul and allows you to step into the highest version of who you are meant to be. It’s also the work that will get you to your next level of desired income.

How do you know when it’s time to shift into your True Work? Here are a few common signs that my clients have experienced:

You feel like you are trapped in a box that no longer fits who you are and what you really want to do. The work that you once enjoyed doing now feels ‘meh’ or restrictive, and you secretly dream of doing something else.

You feel obligated to keep doing the things you no longer want to do (especially to clients & team or to family as your income is important to the household.) You have commitments to your clients and team – they are relying on you and you don’t want to let them down. Your income may be essential to your household. What if doing something new puts your income at risk? What will happen with your clients or team if you start to make some changes? Soooo many of my worst stuck moments have been because I was feeling obligated to others, and I had to learn how to balance my responsibilities with my desires.

You have become grumpy or even a bit snappy in your day to day (especially at home with your loved ones.) When we are feeling off about something in our businesses, it’s rare that we would show that to a client or a team member! Which is a good thing… but it may start “leaking out” in other ways. When I find myself being a little extra grumpy with my kids it’s often coming from something going on in my business. (Not all the time of course… sometimes I’m just grumpy because I have to keep asking them to do the dishes 😉

Your sales may be stalled or even going down as you really don’t want to do what you are doing right now. Oooooeee! This can be a sneaky one and I’ve seen it happen with so many people. You are doing what you’ve always done and suddenly clients are no longer saying yes to working with you – what’s up? There could be various reasons for this, but one of the first things I check in on here with clients is “do you really want them to say yes?” If you don’t really want to keep doing what you are doing, your prospects may pick up on this energy during the sales process.

You are starting to drop the ball or “phone it in” with your clients. You used to do such amazing work and give it your all, but it’s just not in you anymore. Your clients and/or team may even start to notice as well! And then you are beating yourself up because it is so out of character for you to be showing up this way. Try not to beat yourself up… this may just be a sign that something needs to change as it’s a disservice to both you and your clients to not bring your best to the table.

I’m curious if any of these ring true for you? Leave a comment below and let me know…


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