The strange way that I discovered my purpose (after searching for it for years!)

Jul 15, 2022

I spent many years trying to find my purpose, only to find it was right there in front of me.

Business is my purpose.

Being in business. And helping others with their businesses.

It’s what I love. It’s what I do best. It’s what I’ve done now for almost 23 years (I started my first business in the fall of 1999.) And it’s what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

Why was it so hard for me to see this for so many years? Because I thought that my purpose was supposed to be about doing one very specific thing.

And that when I found that ONE thing, I would be set for life. Everything would fall into place and I could just keep chugging along on that one track.

But that’s not how things have gone for me. I’m just not wired to do one thing forever (perhaps you can relate?)

My business has changed like the seasons – I’ve done many different things over the years.

I’ve had seasons as a 1-1 service provider. A writer. A trainer. A coach.

I’ve written books and launched programs. I’ve led retreats and done high-level consulting gigs. I’ve run an agency. I’ve created memberships, trainings and a certification program.

I’ve enjoyed all the things I’ve done! I’ve had a lot of fun and worked with amazing people, BUT that part of me that was thinking I had to find my ‘one thing’ was always feeling frustrated and frankly, a bit judgey!

“Woah Tina, make up your mind! Can’t you just pick something and stick with it? This is getting ridiculous…”

I judged myself for wanting more. Wanting things to be different. For getting bored with something and wanting to do something else. A part of me even felt a bit like an imposter “How can you help others in their business when you can’t even seem to stick to one thing in your own business?!”

Until recently when it occurred to me.

What if our purpose isn’t about the thing we do… instead, it’s about the THREAD that ties it all together.

And that when we know our ‘thread’ – our purpose – it can take various forms through the lifecycle of our business.

For me that thread is business – it’s woven into everything I do. It’s been there every step of the way. It’s the common denominator in the many different things I’ve offered over the years.

I was speaking with someone yesterday about a change that he is making in his business. He is a tech whiz and it’s his favorite thing to do. He started his business as a tech VA years ago, has worked as an OBM for many years and is now up leveling his business to focus exclusively on tech automation in marketing. To help clients make sure that all the tech aspects of their marketing strategies are streamlined, working and producing the results they want to create. Even though his role has changed over the years, the ‘thread’ of tech has always been there.

So long as we remain true to our ‘thread’, then we are on purpose in our business! Even if what we are doing changes over time.

Every time I work with a client this is one of the very first things we look at together – what is their thread? And how does that get woven into the work they are meant to do in the world – what I loving refer to as their True Work.

I’m curious – what do you consider to be your ‘thread’? Your purpose? Is it something that you feel clear about, or is it something you are still exploring?

Comment below to let me know.


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