Scaling may not be the best way to grow… (a contrarian view)

Jul 13, 2022

Your business is full. You are making money. Your clients are happy. And you want to keep growing – to take your business to the next level.

What should you do?

Conventional wisdom will say “It’s time to scale!” To get the right structure and team in place to keep building upon what you’ve created already, so that you can expand your capacity to serve more clients.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m a huge fan of scaling BUT there is one thing you need to check on first before you invest the time, energy and money into scaling (and believe me – scaling requires a HUGE investment of time, energy and money).

If we don’t check in first on this one thing, all of your scaling efforts could be for naught… and may end up causing you more headaches and challenges than you have now.

Before you start scaling your business – you need to make sure you are building the business you actually want to have!

Let me give you an example.

My services were in high demand when I was working as an OBM. Folks were sending me referrals and I had prospects lining up to work with me. My business was full and I couldn’t take more people on, but I also hated to keep turning people away when I knew they really wanted to hire an OBM.

Folks around me were saying “You should start an agency Tina! Build a team of OBMs so you can serve more clients and make more money.”

Makes sense right? Seems the obvious choice.. but I didn’t want to build an agency. I’d had a VA agency years before and it wasn’t a business model that I enjoyed running.

As I sat with it I came to realize – I was much more interested in helping others become OBMs. To help people like me create their livelihood doing this work, and giving them the same opportunities to work from home, with awesome clients and make a good living.

I also knew that I loved writing and I loved teaching. I wrote my Becoming an OBM book and shortly after that the OBM Certification training and Certified OBM Association was born.

It was an elegant solution that covered all bases – allowed me to do what I love, empowered folks to start their own OBM business and gave businesses a plethora of OBMs to hire.

It was also a very scalable business that we’ve since built a solid structure around with an amazing team. I spend only a handful of hours a week on this business now as it’s built to run without me. ← That’s the ultimate goal of scaling.

Before you scale, make sure you are building the business you really want!

Make sure you are building a business that allows you to do your true work. To show up in all of your brilliance. That feeds your soul and lights you up. The kind of business where you think “I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”

Then – as you land in this space feeling clear and aligned – you can scale with confidence and faith, knowing that the immense investment you will be pouring into your business will be more than worth it.

I’m curious… if you are in the space of wanting to grow your business, how confident do you feel that your current business model is the right one for you to scale?

Is your current business aligned with the work you know you are meant to do in this world? Or is something missing… are you feeling like there is something more or different you could be doing.

If you are interested in exploring this further hit reply and let me know. I’d love to hear more about it and explore what is possible for you.


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