The truth of what’s been going on in my business

Jul 11, 2022

I never expected to find myself in this place. To be feeling this way after alllll the work I’d done to get here.

And I wasn’t sure what to do about it…

Let me backup first to the beginning, and tell you what led to this point.

I started the Online Business Manager Certification program in 2009. OBM was a phrase I had coined years before to describe the work I was doing with clients – partnering with them at a leadership level to run and grow their businesses. Helping to set a solid foundation of systems, team and structure for the business to grow upon. I had worked directly with clients as an OBM in my own business since 2003, and it was time to teach others to do the same and create their own amazing OBM businesses.

It was a revolutionary program for service providers at the time, as options were limited in those days if you were a ‘get it done’ professional (Virtual Assistant or Web Designer were pretty much your main choices back then).

The OBM Certification was successful right out of the gate. There was a high-demand for folks who wanted to become OBMs, and for those who wanted to hire them! And I’m so proud today of what the OBM industry has become – with thousands of OBMs working as essential team members for fast growing online businesses.

We worked hard to set a strong foundation for my business over those years – solid systems and an amazing team that ran the day to day of everything so that I wasn’t bogged down in the details.

I taught the OBM Certification training myself for 9 years, and in 2018 I opened the door for licensed trainers. This freed me up even more from the business as I now had an amazing team of trainers (shout out to Keldie, Shar & Amanda!) who lead the training and are equally as passionate about helping folks become Certified OBMs.

You would think I’d reached the pinnacle of success, yes? A business that has helped thousands of people and established an industry. One that makes good money on a consistent basis, while requiring only a handful of hours from me each week.

But this is where I found myself in that funny place I mentioned earlier…

I expected to feel like I had finally “made it” – that I could sit back and relax. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

But instead I found myself feeling mostly bored. Unfulfilled. Unmotivated. And I was so surprised to be feeling this way!

Was there something wrong with me? Why couldn’t I feel happier having reached the place I had worked so hard to get to? A part of me felt guilty about feeling this way. “You should just be happy with what you have Tina.”

And then one day it hit me…

Some of us are NOT meant to be just one thing – to reach our goals and then just sit back and relax.

As a growth oriented entrepreneur just like you, I have more things I want to do and create in the world now that my current business is running smoothly and helping so many people.

And that boredom I’d been feeling? It was a sign that I’m meant to do something more. That I was ready for my own next level.

I started to wonder… What could my next thing be? What would I love to do more than anything? What would light the fire again so that I could get back to enjoying my business?

I paid attention to the conversations I was having with friends and colleagues – what were my favorite topics? What could I talk about all day and never get bored of?

I hired coaches to help me explore my options and clear all the ‘mind gunk’ that was getting in the way.

I began creating offers here and there to test a few things out. Working with a handful of smaller groups and private clients to start to really hone in on what I wanted to do next. To see where I could have the most impact and what was lighting up my soul.

What came clear to me during this exploration is that I love helping others find their True Work – the highest expression of who they are and what they are meant to do in this world. To help them create up leveled offerings around their True Work and lovingly transition their business into that space.

I have a knack for seeing what is possible for someone – their next level of success that will be wildly fulfilling for them and serve their clients deeply.

The folks I work with are highly motivated like you and I. We set goals for ourselves, and once we reach them we aren’t content to just stay put.

We KNOW that we are meant for something more. We can feel it deep down in our bones… even if we don’t know yet exactly what it is, we know that it’s there.

This is your True Work calling to you, and if this resonates I’d love to support you on this journey.

I’ve got a few new offerings to work with folks to bring their True Work to life, and would be happy to send you details if this feels timely for you.


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