The 3 types of faith required for business success

Jun 24, 2022

Faith plays a very important role in our business success, and I don’t just mean in a ‘woo woo’ law of attraction kind of way. (I’m actually not a big fan of law of attraction, but more on that another time 😉

There are 3 types of faith required for business success:

The first is faith in something bigger than ourselves. Be it God, the Universe, our Higher Self or whatever it is that aligns with our beliefs. This type of faith can be based in religion, spirituality or just in how we see the world. Personally, I am not a religious person (although I was raised in the Lutheran church), but I do certainly believe in a higher power / God.

This type of faith is important so that we believe that good things can happen to and for us. We believe that there is something out there that wants more for us as well, and is playing a part in helping to send opportunities our way. If we struggle in our faith here it can be hard to see opportunities as they arise, and we can get stuck in the space of “this isn’t meant for me” or “good things never come my way.”

Second is having faith in ourselves. Will we take the action required to create the success that we want? Do we make commitments to ourselves and keep them? Having faith in ourselves is all about ACTION and knowing that we can and will do what it takes to make things happen.

When we struggle with taking action or sticking with the commitments we’ve made with ourselves, our self faith can become weakened. We may find ourselves in a spiral of “I know what I should be doing but I’m not doing it” or “I can’t seem to make this happen so I’m not sure if I’m really cut out for this”. This lack of faith can be devastating to our success, as it will have us constantly doubting ourselves and our abilities.

And to be clear, we all have these self-doubt moments! Especially in times of growth and challenge… the key is to ensure that we are doing what it takes to shift out of doubt and back into action. Every time we make and keep a promise to ourselves and take action – even with the little things – it build up our self faith.

Third is having faith in the people around us. Even if we are a solopreneur – business is not a solo activity! We have clients, team and many other folks who cross our path along the way. Do we believe that they will do their part in creating a great working relationship? That they will keep their word and get things done? That they will be honest and show up in integrity?

This type of faith can be especially challenging if we’ve been burned in the past. If we’ve had a rough client experience or a team member that didn’t fulfill on their promises, we may find ourselves doubting and questioning everyone around us. And yet, we need to trust and rely on other people as part of our business success. We need to develop and hone our leadership skills so that we can build strong working relationships with the folks around us.

I’m curious, how would you rate your level of faith in each of these 3 areas? And how do you feel that level of faith affects your business?

If you rate yourself higher in 1 or 2 areas but lower in another area – what impact is that having on your business right now?

For example, I remember a period of growth a few years back when my faith in God was quite high, but faith in myself was low… I wasn’t sure if I was truly ready or able to step into my next level. I found myself in a cycle of “Let go and let God – just sitting back waiting for things to happen” vs. taking action to make them happen. Thankfully my coach at the time shone a light on this pattern for me and lovingly kicked my butt to get going. Yes, God plays a part in all of this but we have to show up and do our part too.

A common one I’ve seen with clients is having a high level of faith in themselves, but a low level of faith in the people around them… particularly with team. Which put them in a cycle of hiring someone, becoming disappointed when they don’t meet their standards and taking all the work back onto their own plates. They know they can do the work themselves and do it right, but didn’t trust the people around them to do the same. (Thankfully these situations are fixable.)

I’d love to hear what comes up for you here – comment below to let me know.


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