Letting go to make room for what is next

Jun 10, 2022

When we are looking to take things to the next level it’s so easy to focus on what else we need to be doing.

We need to do more of this. More of that. More marketing. More hiring. More sales. More funnels. More of all the things.

And that right there is the very thing that can stop us in our growth – because for most of us at this stage we simply don’t have room for more! The thought of adding more to our plates is overwhelming. We don’t have the time and energy for it. So we don’t do anything and keep on chugging along hoping that someday we will have the time and energy to take things to the next level.

Perhaps you can relate to that feeling?

This is erroneous thinking, and is one of the biggest traps that we get stuck in on the growth path.

Instead I want you to imagine that your business is a glass of water. And that glass of water is full to the brim! What happens if you try to pour more water in the glass? It overflows and we end up spilling all over the place.

The only way to get more water into the glass is to first pour some of the water out. Then we have space for more water in the glass. New water. Fresh water.

The same is true for our businesses. When we are looking to take things to the next level the question we want to ask ourselves is:

What do I need to let go of?

THIS is the place I start with all of my clients. We need to first create space before we start trying to fill up with all the new things.

We may need to let go of some of the things we’ve been doing (clear our plates.) Let go of certain offerings that are no longer aligned. Let go of clients that are no longer a fit. Strategies that are no longer aligned with where we are headed. Habits in how we show up and do things.

And I want to acknowledge that this is easier said than done – letting go is hard!

It makes a lot of sense at face value right? We need to let go to make space. But when it comes to actually doing this can bring up all sorts of worries, doubts and fears.

“What if I let go of this client and can’t get another one?”

“People have hired me for X for so many years now – will they want to work with me in this new way?”

“I can’t imagine no longer doing Y and having someone else take it over – what if I can’t find the right person? And what if they don’t do as good as job as I do?”

It can be easy enough to identify the things you need to let go of – heck, you may have that list already clear in your mind!

But actually doing it is a whole other thing. One that requires you to be purposeful. To be patient. And ideally to have the right support and container around you so that you don’t just fall back into your ‘old ways and old habits’.

I’ve got space to work with 2 folks next month who are ready to take their business to the next level. And you guessed it – one of the very first things we are going to do together is looking at what you need to let go of (and then of course work together to help make it happen.)


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