How to differentiate yourself (when other people do what you do)

Nov 23, 2021

“Why would someone want to hire me, when there are so many people who do the same thing I do?”

Such an important question to consider as a business owner, and one I suspect has crossed your mind before.

To answer this let’s imagine that our business is a peanut butter cup.

There are 2 parts to the peanut butter cup – the chocolate and the peanut butter. Although each part is tasty on it’s own, when we put the 2 together that’s where the magic happens!

  • The chocolate is the ‘thing you do’ – your title or profession. OBM. Coach. Copywriter. Etc.
  • The peanut butter is about YOU – who you are, what you do best and who you are meant to serve. It’s about your zone of genius.

When we focus on our title alone – the chocolate – then we end up feeling the same as everyone else. The fact is that yes, there are lots of other folks out there who do what you do, and it can be easy to get lost in that crowd… sometimes to the point where we don’t even bother putting ourselves out there at all.

When we bring our zone of genius into the mix – our peanut butter – this is what allows us to differentiate ourselves from all the other people who do what we do.

Our zone of genius is the thing that our ideal clients are going to connect most strongly with, and have them choose us over someone else who does the same thing.

It’s the difference between saying “I’m a business coach” vs. “As a coach I help overwhelmed and frustrated business owners who are offering too many things to step back and identify the ‘one thing’ that will be most enjoyable and profitable for them to offer.”

Or “I’m an OBM” vs. “I’m an OBM who loves nothing more than creating order out of chaos, and I work with my clients to clean up what feels really messy in their business right now so that they can continue to grow on a strong foundation vs. a flimsy house of cards.”

This is exactly what we are working on in my Genius Accelerator that starts next week. We are going to start by identifying your zone of genius, and then work to ‘weave’ it into what you offer so that you stand out from the crowd.

Or – put another way – we are going to create your peanut butter cup together. Yum! 😉

If you are interested in joining us email me and I’ll send you the details.


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