Making money from your zone of genius

Nov 17, 2021

Once you’ve landed on what your zone of genius work is, the next step is to decide how ‘translate’ it into your business offerings. What is the best business model for you to leverage your zone of genius and make a great income?

One of the biggest mistakes that folks make here is thinking that this needs to be a BIG change.

That they need to scrap everything they’ve already created in their zone of excellence, and start from scratch. Create a totally different business with totally different offerings.

I don’t recommend this for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s ALOT of work to start your business over from scratch! Think back to the early days of your current business, and how much effort it took to get things going. To find new clients. Create new marketing strategies. To onboard new clients. Ooof, so much work.
  2. It’s not necessary. For most of the clients I work with their zone of genius is a natural expansion of the zone of excellence work that they have already been doing. It is usually simple tweak to their current business model – not a huge switch into something totally different.

Instead of having to start over from scratch, they get to keep ‘riding the wave’ of what has already been created which is a much quicker, smoother and profitable transition!

This is what we are going to be working on together in my new 4-week Genius Accelerator program for folks who want to make the shift from zone of excellence into zone of genius. In the Accelerator we are going to work on two things:

  1. To help you identify and really OWN your zone of genius (even if you have no clue what it is at the moment…)
  2. To create a powerful offer that aligns with your zone of genius work (more fun for you; way more value for your clients)

This is a small group program that I’m limiting to 12 folks max so I get to support everyone directly – if you are interested send me an email and I will send over the details.


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