Your calendar doesn’t lie…

Jul 9, 2021

I remember a mentor of mine saying this during a mastermind meeting years ago:

“Show me anyone’s calendar and I call tell you exactly how successful that person is”

It was a real HMMMM moment for me… what was my calendar saying about my success?

Put simply – what he was really saying is:

Where you are spending your time will determine how successful you are.

Do you want to find more clients? –> How many hours a week are you spending on client finding activities and having sales calls?

Do you want to delegate more? –> How many hours a week do you spend just ‘doing the work cause it’s easier in the moment’ vs. prepping to delegate? (creating SOPs, training folks, etc)

Do you want to become a stronger leader? –> How much time are you investing each week in expanding your leadership? (training, reading, working with a coach)

Likewise, your calendar will show you where your activities are at odds with what you really want.

You say you want to find more clients, but you just spent a week trying to figure out how to update your own website.

You want to get admin stuff off your plate, but you keep jumping into all the odds and ends that need to be done each day.

You want to get out of client facing work, but you keep setting the expectation with clients that you will be the one to do everything (even though you have a team on board to help.)

If you aren’t making progress towards your goals, take a moment to ask yourself:

Where is my calendar at odds with what I want?

Get real with yourself. Be honest about where your time is going each day. How often are you distracted or diving into the little things. Or going down a rabbit hole of TikTok videos for 2 hours (which I just did last night… is it just me? 😉

Ask yourself with everything on your plate, is this thing I’m doing taking me closer to my goals or further away? <– because it will always be one or the other

We only have so many hours a day to commit to our work. Let’s make sure we are making the most of that time, so we can move as quickly and gracefully as possible toward our goals.


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