Hard Decisions Made Easy

Apr 1, 2021

I had a GREAT conversation on The Process to Profit show w/Brittany Dixon.

As entrepreneurs, there are 1,000’s of decisions we make everyday that determine the short-term and long-term success of our business. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in how others think we should run our business, that we forget to ask what we want out of our business for ourselves. If you’ve ever been there…..or are currently there…..this interview is for you.

In our conversation we covered:

  • Why being selfish in your business goals can lead to greater personal fulfillment
  • Avoiding being reactive in your business so you don’t move further away from your goals
  • Paying attention to others that have laid groundwork in your industry while being true to what’s important to you
  • How to make decisions that fit into your personal goals
  • The importance between Outside-In decisions and Inside-Out decisions

Click the button below to listen – or check it out here for other listening options (Apple, Spotify, etc)


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