Ups & Downs

Jan 21, 2021

You’ve started working with a new client and it hasn’t been as ‘smooth’ as you would like… and you are wondering if maybe it won’t work out?

You’ve hired a new team member and things haven’t been moving as quickly as you hoped… and you are wondering if maybe they are the wrong fit?

It is natural to have ‘ups and downs’ in the first 90 days of working together! AND there is a mistake I see many people make here that could be getting in the way of your growth… which I share in todays NEW video (along with my #1 tip to navigate the ups and downs.)


  1. Melissa

    Thanks Tina, I needed to hear this right now as I move into week 4 with a new client. I shall back off myself on the perfection expectations – it’s not coming from the client, but I’m feeling the stress. I apply the ownership over perfection with my team – time to apply that to me!

    • Tina

      yes! we are often soooo much harder on ourselves – especially in those early days.

  2. Kym

    Oh this was great thanks Tina. “Expect ownership, not perfection” so good!

  3. Bonnie Schafer

    Hey Tina! Great video and thanks for sharing this. Yes, there are bound to be ups and downs, and we can’t expect work relationships to be perfect, especially when they’re virtual! Giving the patience that is needed to work through the ups and downs is crucial and will produce stronger working relationships, along with getting to know others better. I like your advice of taking ownership of it – well taken!

  4. Emily

    “Expect ownership, not perfection” – this video made me feel 10 pounds lighter today. Putting this on a sticky note on my monitor. Thank you Tina. ♥


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