How not to use assessments in hiring

Aug 24, 2020

I love me a good assessment! But… they are often misused in the hiring process (and might actually get in the way of finding the right person.)


  1. Marta

    Hey, Tina (or VA!),

    How great this video is! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

    I’m taking the cert week in the next edition (18 days!) and I asked Keldie this very same question in our last call!

    I too love all the assessments out there, but I agree they cannot define anyone totally. Personal experiences or other situations may make people work differently than what they are hardwired for… at least I find that for myself!

    I’ll take this piece of advice into account in my OBM life. Managing people is the most challenging and probably most rewarding part of it (and that’s why I’m so excited!).

    Talk to you the 6th!

    Cheers from Spain,

    Marta López Ramos

    • Tina

      They can’t define us – so very true. And glad to have you join us in Cert Week – I’ll be seeing you there soon.


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