You should get paid the most for this…

May 5, 2020

“You should get paid the most for what comes easiest to you”

I was flabbergasted when I first heard this on a coaching call… because it wasn’t at all true for me in my business at the time.

I was getting paid to “get things done” and I was darn good at it. I was making a good living there as well. I had great clients and my business was full.

But I knew when I heard this that I was not getting paid for what came easiest to me!

At first I could barely wrap my mind around that concept.

“You mean I could get paid MORE for the things that are easier? Is that even an option?”

(I was raised to believe that hard work = success. Which meant that I had to work harder and harder as my business grew <— perhaps you can relate?)

So I sat with it a bit and I asked myself a few key questions:

* What comes easiest to me?* What would I do even if I wasn’t getting paid for it?* What am I doing for clients right now that they value and that I’m not getting “officially” paid for?

The answer became clear – strategy.

I am an amazing strategist. I can look at any situation with a client, help them see their options and guide them to a decision that is best for them and their vision.

I would do this for free all day long. And truthfully I was doing it for free already with my clients at the time, because I naturally brought it to the table in our work. My mind would always go straight to strategy – I couldn’t turn it off if I tried. 😉

It was one of the main reasons my clients hired me even though it wasn’t the main “thing” I was selling at the time.

Once I was able to own this I was able to start charging for it. And it changed the entire course of my business.

I’m curious…

What comes easiest to you?

And is it something that you currently charge for?

Hit reply and let me know – let’s open up the possibilities.


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  1. torrent

    Great article post. Much thanks again. Much obliged. Lane Harold Kyriako


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