Be gentle with yourself

Apr 1, 2020

You do NOT need to do it all right now.
Change the world.
Learn a new skill.
Pivot. Grow. Shift.

I’ve talked with a lot of people this past week who are feeling the pressure…

“Things are fine for me right now but I feel like I should be doing more”

“I keep seeing everyone talk about how NOW is the time to make big moves and if I don’t I’m going to be left behind…”

“I feel like I should be offering something else – something new – but I don’t even have time right now to think about it”


We are living in a world crisis right now – a frigging pandemic – and what is most important in this moment is that we take care of ourselves. Our families.

That we focus on our survival and creating our new normal.

That we focus on having ENOUGH before we focus on having MORE. Not just enough money but enough energy. Enough sleep. Enough love. Enough connection. Enough laughter.

Is there a world of opportunity out there right now? Yes. And there will still be a world of opportunity out there when this is all done too.

Could you be missing out on something right now? Yes. But what is the cost to your health – mental and physical – if you dive headfirst into it right now while juggling everything else? And are you willing to pay that price in this moment?

And by all means yes – if you have lost your income and need to hustle right now to make ends meet, then jump into that with both feet. There are SO many amazing resources available right now to support you there.

Resources from ridiculously smart and generous people who are brilliant at leading people through crisis. Everything from creating new revenue streams to navigating the various support options available from our governments. If you are in financial crisis plug in and get the help you need. (If you are looking for some resources here let me know and I’ll point you to some amazing people.)

But this isn’t the case for everyone. Some of us are fine. As much as I’m hearing about people losing income, I’m hearing just as much about people who’s businesses are doing fine… things are continuing as normal and in some cases even getting busier without doing anything different. This is especially true in our blessed online world.

If you are OK right now it’s fine to just be OK… to let go of any expectations. To simply BE with life as it is.

To spend more time with your kids. To take a nap. To get outside and get some fresh air. To pause for the moment and just live your life. And if finances allow it then its even fine to take a break from your business if you so choose (gasp!)

This too shall pass. We don’t know yet what is to come but we are living in the here and now.

Be gentle with yourself. Be present. Find as much joy as you can in each moment. Allow yourself to rest.

I’m right here with you. We are in this together. <3


PS – If you are interested in some deeper conversations that combine both a spiritual and a business perspective come join us in my Intersection Facebook group. We may not have answers yet but I do know that together we get to create this new world.


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